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Too Much Money: How Wealth Disparities Are Unbalancing Aotearoa New Zealand

Too Much Money: How Wealth Disparities Are Unbalancing Aotearoa New Zealand

  • Author: Rashbrooke, Max
  • ISBN: 9781988587943
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Presently, someone in the wealthiest 1 per cent of adults - now a roughly 40,000-strong club - has a net worth 68 times that of the average New Zealander. Too Much Money is the story of how wealth inequality is changing Aotearoa New Zealand. Possessing wealth opens up opportunities to live in certain areas, get certain kinds of healthcare, make certain kinds of social connections, exert certain kinds of power. But when access to these opportunities becomes alarmingly uneven, the implications are profound. This new book by the country's leading chronicler of economic inequality provides a far-reaching and compelling account of the way that wealth - and its absence - is transforming our lives. Drawing on the latest academic research, personal interviews and previously unexplored data, Too Much Money reveals the way wealth is distributed across the peoples of Aotearoa. Having helped elevate the word 'inequality' into the political lexicon, Max Rashbrooke's widely-anticipated new book arrives at a time of heightened concern for the division of wealth and what this means for our country's future. 'Max Rashbrooke's insightful commentary on how wealth, poverty, and class affects Aotearoa draws from an impressive evidence base, and offers a clear and illuminating summary of the often confusing data on inequality. An essential book for our times.' Hautahi Kingi 'This revolutionary book speaks to diverse economic experiences, the factors perpetuating the status quo, and how we can do better. Shedding light on unspoken social divisions and rules, Too Much Money brings Aotearoa New Zealand's story of intergenerational wealth to life.' Olivia Willis, Senior Economist, NZIER

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