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Bruce Goes Outside

Bruce Goes Outside

  • Author: van Beek, Kathryn
  • ISBN: 9780473521387
  • Availability: In Stock
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Kate's tiny kitten wants to go outside. He struggles with the cat flap, annoys a bird . . . and ends upon the wrong side of the fence. What will Kate do? The kitten in Bruce Goes Outside is based on a real life cat. The real Bruce was found on the streets of New Zealand when he was just one day old. At first he was a tiny little creature who had to be bottle-fed around the clock, but now he's big and strong (and a little bit naughty). His story went global and now he has thousands of kind-hearted followers all over the world. Bruce lives with his humans and his "big sister" Jager, who is also a rescue cat. You can find out more about Bruce at or

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