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Wanting to Tell You Everything

Wanting to Tell You Everything

  • Author: Brooke-Carr, Elizabeth
  • ISBN: 9780473529406
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The poems of Elizabeth Brooke-Carr (1940-2019) speak of a world where there is always light somewhere, a brightness that delineates mountains and rivers, coaxes birds to be provocative and human beings to fly. Each ordinary moment leaps from its skin - weeds learn their colours from the sun and the unbroken peel from apples at an apple fest can circle the world. The poems speak, too, of those places where shadow prevails, taking care to record what the poet noticed there. Even with her life under threat Elizabeth found things to laungh and rage at. The award-winning poet made her life in Dunedin and was loved by many. 'Wanting to Tell You Everything' is Elizabeth's much awaited first collection - one she would have made if she'd stayed alive, but instead her writing group finished he task and the final book shines with that aroha.

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