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Amazing Habitats

Amazing Habitats

  • Author: Ganeri, Anita
  • ISBN: 9780711246027
  • Availability: Not Yet Published – Pre-order
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Explore, create and investigate with Ava and George - the Geo Detectives! Use your detective skills to find out about amazing animal habitats.With the Geo Detectives series, join two young detectives, Ava and George, in a hands-on exploration of the natural world. Learn about exciting geography topics, then investigate further with fun activities and projects to do at home and outside.What animals are able to live in the Arctic? What is a food chain? How are humans affecting animals homes? Discover what incredible things happen in nature and use your own skills to find out why! Get answers about: * Microhabitats by making a bug hotel * How animals keep warm by experimenting with insulation, just like polar animals * Rainforest animals, by making a rainforest in a jar * Animal adaptation and design your own desert creature * And much more! Encouraging young readers to investigate geography topics and to have fun while learning, this book will amaze and astound any reader with an interest in science and nature.

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