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  • Author: Sved, Miriam
  • ISBN: 9781760785000
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#MeToo is not just about famous people ... If #MeToo is going to ultimately make the big difference we all want to see, it's got to mean something for [any] woman who gets harassed. - Julia Gillard This is the first collection that aims to make sense of the #MeToo movement in Australia. A collection that follows Julia Gillard's imperative to listen to the stories of every women who faces sexual abuse, exploitation and harassment. Contributors cross boundaries of colour and class, ability and disability, region and industry. Like the movement itself, this is an anthology about unearthing and listening to the things that happen away from the public eye, in one-on-one moments, and that we can only know about when women speak up. But it is also an attempt to grapple with how this movement has evolved, about toxic masculinity, cyberhate, rape culture, a gendered economy. It is a collection that tries to create a forum for what happens next. Where we can go from here. Above all, this is an anthology that resists victimhood.

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