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How to Write Psychology Research Reports and Essays 8E

How to Write Psychology Research Reports and Essays 8E

  • Author: Findlay, Bruce
  • ISBN: 9781488618437
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This book will provide all the information required about how to prepare and write psychology research reports and essays in psychology at the undergraduate level. This book is intended to address the need for a set of guidelines for writing undergraduate-level psychology research reports and essays. It is aimed at first- and second-year students, although it may be useful to address weaknesses in preparation, writing, or even submitting assignments among more senior students. A student who grasps these concepts and learns the conventions will have a sound basis for presenting research in a professional manner, and writing well-argued essays. There is a glossary of those words that are on the tip of your tongue but whose meaning escapes you at the moment. There is an index that will lead you to the help you need for any particular feature of a research report or essay that is bothering you. There are flowcharts of the processes involved in writing a research report and an essay. There are a couple of good examples of research reports that you can use as a sort of graphical index, and a couple of examples of badly written reports to show you what to avoid.

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