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Origins: How The Earth Made Us

Origins: How The Earth Made Us

  • Author: Dartnell, Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781847924360
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Why do so many of us eat cereal for breakfast? Is it because we like the taste? Because it's so readily available? Or because 20 millions years ago, a certain species of plant colonised the same hospitable land that humanity did? Why is the world the way it is? If we follow chains of explanation as far back as they go - and keep asking, like a curious child, 'Why? Why? But WHY?' - the answers become more and more amazing. We reach the point where history becomes science. In this ultimate origin story, Professor Lewis Dartnell investigates how the fabric and activity of our planet have governed our evolution, influenced civilisations over millennia, and continue to shape our lives today. Plate tectonics and ancient climate change, atmospheric circulation and ocean currents - Origins unravels the human story by exposing vast webs of connections that stretch deep into the past, underwrite our modern world and help us face the challenges of the future. It may even change how you look at your bowl of cereal tomorrow morninga

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