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Por Por's Cookbook

Por Por's Cookbook

  • Author: King, Carolyn
  • ISBN: 9780473249373
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Through the generations the recipes have been passed down by show and tell We learnt by observation not by recipe. My aim was to record these home cooked recipes that we all love to eat. When the Chinese first settled in NZ, they used whatever fresh produce was available to them and added their own flavourings and seasonings. Aim of Cookbook: 1. to record the Por por's recipes as well as my own recipes. 2. to record recipes for my daughter, and generation X & Y who now live all over the world and with their busy careers eat out more than they cook BUT yearn for the meals that they were brought up on. 3. to present and record Home Chinese cooking in NZ over the last 90-100 years. 4. to provide recipes using a base of healthy food ingredients for all New Zealanders who are interested in Chinese cooking . --With 15 Biographies of Chinese women to record 1. Life stories of grandmothers of varying ages the oldest 88yrs to the youngest of 65 years. 2. Their ancestral roots as related to first arrival to NZ. 3. Interests and achievements, contributions to their community. 4. 2-3 of their family recipes and any significant events or customs of the past.

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