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  • Author: Catling, Brian
  • ISBN: 9781473687110
  • Availability: Not Yet Published – Pre-order
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Earwig is a strange man employed as carer to a strange girl in a flat in the city of Liege. On one of his rare trips out of the flat he is drinking in a neighbouring bar when he reluctantly becomes engaged in conversation with a man calling himself Tyre, who turns out to have supernatural powers. He propels Earwig into a terrible accident, in the course of which he maims one of the waitresses. When a black cat is delivered to their flat, unasked for, the girl forms an immediate bond with it. But Earwig finds himself drawn into a web of evil coincidences spun by the devilish Tyre and the cat who is his avatar. Not since Edgar Allan Poe and the Bulgakov's THE MASTER AND MARGARITA has there been such a masterly tale of feline evil.

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