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Aotearoa Lost Worlds

Aotearoa Lost Worlds

  • Author: Gunson, Dave
  • ISBN: 9781988538662
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Aotearoa New Zealand has changed dramatically in its size and nature throughout prehistory. It has also seen a great diversity of animals and plants - dinosaurs, great sea reptiles, the largest-ever bird of prey, supergiant penguins, crocodiles, early mammals and giant moa - most of them unique to these islands. Discover these ancient beasts for yourself in Aotearoa Lost Worlds. The last two decades have seen a multitude of new and surprising discoveries that have drastically changed the narrative of our past flora and fauna. These ongoing developments have increasingly demanded a fresh look at our remarkable natural history, presented in this fully revised edition of author and illustrator Dave Gunson's Lost Worlds of Aotearoa.

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