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Banana!: Feed the Hungry Animals

Banana!: Feed the Hungry Animals

  • Author: Madden, Carly
  • ISBN: 9780711251908
  • Availability: Not Yet Published – Pre-order
$NZ 18.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 18.99
The safari animals are hungry! Choose what to feed each pop-up animal... In Banana!, children are presented with a series of bright and funny wild animals, each with their mouth wide open (a v-fold pop-up), eagerly awaiting a tasty treat. The child can choose a dangly food item (hanging from the spine of the book) to feed to each animal. The hungry giraffe might want to munch on a crisp, green leaf but wouldn't it be funny to give her monkeys tasty banana instead? What would monkey say about that? This delightful series of pre-school books encourages young children to engage with the book and converse with the parent or carer, form connections between the animal characters and what they like to eat, and to practice hand-eye coordination through play. They can choose to either pick the correct food to give each animal, or can engage in 'silly play' by offering knowingly inappropriate foods to each character.

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