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Mr. Radley Drives to Vienna: A Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Crossing the Alps 1913 & 2013

Mr. Radley Drives to Vienna: A Rolls Royce Silver Ghost Crossing the Alps 1913 & 2013

  • Author: Kennedy, John
  • ISBN: 9783777423463
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This unique book shows an album of photos taken in May & June 1913, when James Radley drove from London to Vienna via Paris, Mont Cenis Pass, Brescia, Rivadel Garda, Dolomites, & Loibl Pass. His car was entered in the famous Osterreichische Alpenfahrt, a gruelling 2650 kilometre route with 19 mountain passes to drive across in seven days. On the journey out to Vienna, one of Radleys passengers was his friend Reginald Hope, an amateur photographer who recorded the journey. Remarkably, both the car and Hopes photo album survived, making it possible to recreate the journey with the same car and repeat the photographs in the identical locations exactly 100 years later, in May & June 2013. John Kennedy has been taking photographs since he could first afford to buy film for the family box camera. The digital cameras used nowadays are rather more capable, but the challenge is still much the same. Kennedys interest in old motor cars was sparked by seeing the movie Genevieve when a boy, and subsequently seeing the actual car its elf, which lived for many years in his native New Zealand. An owner of vintage cars for over 30 years, he has taken part in many tours and rallies and has also organized tours in Britain, USA, Europe & New Zealand. The book shows the unique chance to drive the very same car from London to Vienna, to repeat a photograph album taken exactly a century earlier, the challenge being to find the locations and replicate the pictures to show the changes which a century has wrought.

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