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Art Of Losing, The

Art Of Losing, The

  • Author: Mason, Lizzy
  • ISBN: 9781641291040
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17-year-old Harley's life has just changed forever. Her younger sister, Audrey, is in a coma. She wouldn't be if Harley hadn't abandoned Audrey in a rage--having caught her, drunk, at a party with Harley's boyfriend, Mike. The sickening irony is that Harley was planning to break up with Mike. But she could never bring herself to go through with it. After all, he's handsome, popular, sporty . . . a catch. Now Harley sees with clarity what she hadn't wanted or allowed herself to see- Mike has a drinking problem. And Audrey might, too. Over the next weeks, as her sister slowly recovers, Harley reconnects with an old friend whose struggles with alcohol abuse mirror those close to home.

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