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Homegrown Happiness: A Kiwi Guide to Living off the Suburban Land

Homegrown Happiness: A Kiwi Guide to Living off the Suburban Land

  • Author: Lewis, Elien
  • ISBN: 9781988538754
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$NZ 39.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 39.99
Whether you have a small urban section or a rambling, shady backyard, Homegrown Happiness will help you create the perfect garden to suit your needs. An advocate of the low-maintenance no-dig gardening method, Elien Lewis leads you through a year in your vegetable garden, including advice on: Preparing and maintaining your vegetable patch, what to plant and when, whatever your climate, how to establish a working compost bin, keeping pests at bay, the best time to forage and harvest. Elien shares her favourite seasonal recipes that draw on the 'root to tip' philosophy, resulting in a low carbon footprint and minimal waste. Includes healthy homegrown recipes the whole family will love, including Sticky Ginger Cauliflower, Dandelion Quesadillas, Probiotic Honey Lemonade and many more. Homegrown Happiness is sustainable, low-maintenance, low-cost living at its best - providing easy-to-follow guidelines for creating a robust and healthy garden ecosystem, whatever your living situation or lifestyle.

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