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Biology Aotearoa: Unique Flora, Fauna & Fungi

Biology Aotearoa: Unique Flora, Fauna & Fungi

  • Author: Parsons, S. (Editor)
  • ISBN: 9781877268007
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As a large, isolated and relatively ancient landmass, New Zealand occupies a unique place in the biological world, with distinctive terrestrial biota and a high proportion of primitive endemic forms. Biology Aotearoa covers the origins, evolution and conservation of the New Zealand ?ora, fauna and fungi. Each chapter is written by specialists in the ?eld, often working from different perspectives to build up a comprehensive picture. Topics include: * The geological history of our land * Origins, and evolution of our plants, animals and fungi * Current status of rare and threatened species * Past, present and future management of native species * The effect of human immigration on the native biota. Colour diagrams and photographs are used throughout the text. This book is suitable for all students of biology or ecology who wish to know about the unique nature of Aotearoa New Zealand and its context in the biological world.

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