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New Zealand Seabirds: A natural history

New Zealand Seabirds: A natural history

  • Author: Wilson, Kerry-Jayne
  • ISBN: 9781988550251
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New Zealand is the seabird capital of the world - no other country has so many species of breeding seabirds, while about a third of them are only found here. Despite this, many New Zealanders have little awareness of them, or know of the remarkable life histories that enable them to tackle the considerable challenges of a life divided between land and ocean. This book, the first to be written specifically about our seabirds, describes the different groups of seabirds, where in New Zealand they occur, their breeding biology, foods and foraging behaviours, the conservation threats they face, and the vast distances they often travel to feed and breed. 'New Zealand Seabirds' will open your eyes to the unknown worlds of better-known seabirds such as albatrosses and penguins, as well as the equally fascinating lives of such birds as shearwaters, petrels and prions. Written using non-technical language by ornithologist Kerry-Jayne Wilson, this book is an essential companion for anyone who appreciates the wildlife of our coastlines and the oceans beyond.

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