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Lisa Reihana: Emissaries

Lisa Reihana: Emissaries

  • Author: Various Contributors
  • ISBN: 9780864633125
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Lisa Reihana: Emissaries is a beautifully designed and exquisitely illustrated examination of one of Aotearoa New Zealand's most ambitious artworks, in Pursuit of Venus [infected], for its presentation at the 57th Venice Biennale. Comprising seven essays by leading scholars and curators, a lively conversational exchange, and insights into the career of Lisa Reihana (Ngapuhi, Ngatihine, Ngai Tu), the book provides a captivating account of the sources that influenced the artist's expansive creative endeavour and how the Venice exhibition might be understood within the context of transnational indigenous art making. The publication's innovative design transforms the 18th-century sensibilities of the source materials into a contemporary typographic language that aligns with the technologically complex nature of Reihana's artwork while retaining an alluring trace of the past. The generously illustrated essays are complemented by two plate sections which present in fine, full-colour detail Reihana's 'Emissaries' and vital moments from the exhibition's core element, the majestic in Pursuit of Venus [infected]. The book's importance derives from its documentation and analysis of Reihana's Venice work, and also from the connections it makes between the past, the present and possible pan-cultural futures. Lisa Reihana: Emissaries makes an invaluable contribution to the story of indigenous art and is essential reading for people interested in the many threads that bind humanity together through space and time.

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