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Te Kupenga: 101 stories of Aotearoa from the Turnbull

Te Kupenga: 101 stories of Aotearoa from the Turnbull

  • Author: Keith, Michael
  • ISBN: 9780995143173
  • Availability: Not Yet Published – Pre-order
$NZ 59.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 59.99
Published to mark 100 years since the establishment of the famous Alexander Turnbull Library, one of New Zealand's great storehouses, this energetic, comprehensive book approaches the history of Aotearoa New Zealand through 101 remarkable objects. Each tells a story, be it of discovery, courage, dispossession, conflict, invention, creation, or conservation. The objects range from letters and paintings to journals, photographs, posters, banners and books. The place each has in the patchwork of the narrative creates a vivid overall view of the people of this place and the unique histories they have made together. An invaluable resource for schools and the home, and a great way to dive into our history, Te Kupenga takes us deep inside the remarkable ATL collection and sheds light on who we are.

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