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Wild Twins: Tales of Strength and Survival

Wild Twins: Tales of Strength and Survival

  • Author: Shine, Amber
  • ISBN: 9781775541769
  • Availability: Not Yet Published – Pre-order
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Twin hunters Amber and Serena Shine on strength, survival and a lifetime seeking adventure The impala was past the barrier of branches and there was only a metre to go before it got to the water's edge. It had to be more than 35 metres away, but we were past desperate. Amber whispered, 'Hold it . . . hold it . . .' The impala lowered its head to take a drink. I released my grip and let the arrow fly. Amber and Serena Shine have wild in their blood. From their first steps, the twins set out from their family farm in rural Waiuku with the bush and mountains in sight. Together they've run the world's highest marathon on Mount Everest, walked jaguars in the Amazon, sailed treacherous seas from Hawai'i to San Francisco, navigated ice falls while climbing Mount Cook, raced 322 kilometres on a dogsled, and survived naked in the African wilderness for twenty-one days on the hit Discovery show Naked and Afraid. In The Wild Twins, Amber and Serena share their most extreme achievements, the secrets behind their strength and endurance, and advice on living life to its fullest. With go-getter attitudes, perseverance and fearlessness, these inspiring sisters are all about getting outdoors and reaching your potential - returning home covered in mud and with a story to tell.

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