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Creative Victoria

Creative Victoria

  • Author: Barrowman, Rachel
  • ISBN: 9781776562060
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Creativity isn't all about individual inspiration and work. It sparks from the cross-fertilisation of energy and imaginations and ideas, and thrives in institutional, social and cultural places that recognise the worth of cultural activity and creative expression, and that make room for and foster it. Over 119 years (and counting) Victoria University has made huge contributions to the cultural and creative life of Wellington and New Zealand, and beyond-in music, art, theatre, film, architecture, creative literature and publishing. It has actively sought to encourage creative thinking and creative expression-in a diversity of forms, across a diversity of fields-and to establish the creative arts as not only a legitimate but a vital part of the institution and its work. This is a story not only of the creative activity that has come out of Victoria, but also of the university's role as a custodian of cultural treasures, and of its engagement with creative and cultural life beyond its doors. It is a rich and distinctive history, one of which the University of Wellington can be proud.

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