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Landfall 238

Landfall 238

  • Author: Neale, Emma
  • ISBN: 9781988531809
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FEATURED ARTISTS Nigel Brown, Holly Craig, Emil McAvoy AWARDS & COMPETITIONS Results from the Kathleen Grattan Award for Poetry 2019, with judge's report by Jenny Bornholdt; results and winning essays from the Landfall Essay Competition 2019, with judge's report by Emma Neale; results from the Caselberg Trust International Poetry Prize 2019, with judge's report by Dinah Hawken. WRITERS John Allison, Ruth Arnison, Emma Barnes, Pera Barrett, Nikki-Lee Birdsey, Anna Kate Blair, Corrina Bland, Cindy Botha, Liz Breslin, Mark Broatch, Tobias Buck, Paolo Caccioppoli, Marisa Cappetta, Janet Charman, Whitney Cox, Mary Cresswell, Jeni Curtis, Jodie Dalgleish, Breton Dukes, David Eggleton, Johanna Emeney, Cerys Fletcher, David Geary, Miriama Gemmell, Susanna Gendall, Gail Ingram, Sam Keenan, Kerry Lane, Peter Le Baige, Helen Lehndorf, Kay McKenzie Cooke, Kirstie McKinnon, Zoe Meager, Lissa Moore, Margaret Moores, Janet Newman, Rachel O'Neill, Claire Orchard, Bob Orr, Jenny Powell, Nina Mingya Powles, Lindsay Rabbitt, Nicholas Reid, Jade Riordan, Gillian Roach, Paul Schimmel, Derek Schulz, Michael Steven, Chris Stewart, Robert Sullivan, Stacey Teague, Annie Villiers, Janet Wainscott, Louise Wallace, Albert Wendt, Iona Winter REVIEWS Landfall Review Online: books recently reviewed Shef Rogers on The Travels of Hildebrand Bowman, ed. Lance Bertelsen Steve Braunias on Ghost South Road by Scott Hamilton Elizabeth Smither on James K. Baxter: Letters of a poet, ed. John Weir Michael Steven on The Moon in a Bowl of Water by Michael Harlow, Keeping a Grip by Kevin Ireland, and One Hundred Poems and a Year by Bob Orr Mark Broatch on Pearly Gates by Owen Marshall Jocelyn Harris on The Political Years by Marilyn Waring David Eggleton on Frances Hodgkins, eds Catherine Hammond and Mary Kisler Anahera Gildea on Pu ra kau, eds Witi Ihimaera and Witi Hereaka Published with the assistance of Creative New Zealand

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