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Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, The

Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, The

  • Author: Newton, Sir Isaac
  • ISBN: 9781839641503
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Often known as the Principia, this one of the most important scientific works ever to have been written and continues profoundly to impact on modern science. It states Newton's Laws of Motion and Law of Universal Gravitation revealing Newton as a rare genius, revolutionizing our understanding of the world around us. Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, often known as the Principia, is one of the most important scientific works ever to have been written and has had a profound impact on modern science. Consisting of three separate books, the Principia states Newton's laws of motion and Newton's law of universal gravitation. Understanding and acceptance of these theories was not immediate, however by the end of the seventeenth century no one could deny that Newton had far exceeded all previous works and revolutionised scientific thinking. FLAME TREE's Great Works That Shape Our World is a new series of definitive books drawing on ancient, medieval and modern writing. Offering a fund of essential knowledge, and spell-binding stories it satisfies every facet of human interest: scientific, philosophical, sociological, romantic, dramatic and mysterious. From the ancient wisdom of the Mahabharata to the curious power of Don Quixote, Boccaccio's Decameron and Melville's classic Moby Dick, from the scientific wonders of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein to the great thinkers of Western and Asian philosophy. AUTHOR: Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) was an English physicist and mathematician who was a leading figure in the scientific revolution. His work throughout the seventeenth century provided the basis for modern science, including his three laws of motion and the law of universal gravitation. Newton s career was prolific. He was president of the Royal Society and in 1705 he was knighted, becoming the first ever scientist to receive the honour. SELLING POINTS: New series featuring the greatest works of fiction, science, philosophy and sociology. Foiled, embossed cover, printed on silver paper, matt laminated. Specially written introductions contextualise the book. New deluxe series. Hardback Deluxe edition, printed on silver, matt laminated, gold and silver foil stamped, embossed.

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