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Darkness is Golden

Darkness is Golden

  • Author: Hoang, Mary
  • ISBN: 9781925700718
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Indigo Project psychologist Mary Hoang will teach you how to face your fears and anxieties and make meaning from loss and pain, to find your true purpose, meaning, and a life that resonates for you. Hidden in the folds of human life are the stories that most of us want to keep in the dark. The shit storms, our anxieties, the failed relationships, our sadness, our fears of the future, our psychological pain. Darkness is Golden is a commentary on the universal experience of 'darkness' that weighs on us all, and how those shadows can hold the answers we seek. It's an insightful guide on how to embrace the complexity of the mind when navigating emotions and relationships. Exploring themes of meaning, death, disconnection, vulnerability, forgiveness, identity and what it means to be human, Darkness is Golden is a gripping case for the strength that we all hold, the payoffs of going 'within' and the light that we hide in our shadows. Drawing on her years of psychological and therapeutic expertise, Mary Hoang will teach you how the tools of modern psychology, combined with age-old wisdom, provide you with the alchemy to turn darkness into gold; how to traverse, hopscotch, and shimmy with the web of your secrets, stories, and skeletons - to render purpose, meaning, and a life that resonates for you.

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