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Democracy on the Road

Democracy on the Road

  • Author: Sharma, Ruchir
  • ISBN: 9780141990163
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For two decades bestselling author Ruchir Sharma has chased election campaigns across every major state in India, travelling the equivalent of a lap around the Earth. Democracy in India takes readers on a rollicking ride with Ruchir and his band of highly-informed fellow writers as they talk to farmers, shopkeepers and CEOs from Rajasthan to Tamil Nadu, and to interview leaders from Narendra Modi to Rahul Gandhi. No other book takes readers has taken readers so close to the action, or traced the arc of modern Indian politics so immediately. Offering an intimate view inside the lives and minds of India's political giants and its people, Sharma explains how the complex forces of family, caste and community, economics and development, money and corruption, Bollywood and Godmen, have conspired to elect and topple Indian leaders since Indira Gandhi.

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