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Popular Errors Explained

Popular Errors Explained

  • Author: Mccartney, S.
  • ISBN: 9781848093348
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In 1841 John Timbs wrote a book called "Popular Errors Explained". It went on - with Timbs' other great series 'Curiosities of ...' - to become one of the great popular books of the 19th century, running into many editions and selling hundreds of thousands of copies. Some say the popularity of his one hundred and fifty volumes led him to outsell a certain Mr Dickens. Stewart McCartney, under the Timb's title of "Popular Errors Explained" has created a new book, capturing the zeal and enthusiasm of the original, to be 'agreeable, by way of abstract and anecdote so as to become an advantageous and amusing guest at any intellectual fireside.' This book has completely new material - around 200 or so 'popular errors' from science and literature, history, sport, popular culture and so on. Each entry will have that eyebrow raising 'I didn't know that!' or 'Surely that cannot be true!' feel. Every one will explode a commonly held misbelief.

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