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One-Ingredient Cookbook:  Start of a Zero-Waste Life (Self-Help for Babies, #4)

One-Ingredient Cookbook: Start of a Zero-Waste Life (Self-Help for Babies, #4)

  • Author: Stanton
  • ISBN: 9780733341182
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Self-Help for Babies: if you don't laugh, you'll cry. Dear Baby Do you feel like every meal is the same, and perhaps a little variety would be nice? Don't worry. A lot of babies feel this way. We're here to help you spice up the menu, and rediscover the joy of feeding. Bon appetit! If you've had a baby, you've no doubt had some well-meaning jerk smugly say, 'You know, babies don't come with a manual.' Well, now your newborn can read the manual with Self-Help for Babies, a hilarious new series from bestselling Australian authors Beck and Matt Stanton. PRAISE FOR SLEEP 101: HOW TO SLEEP LIKE A BABY 'Recommended. Filled with delightful illustrations and instructions of where a baby should or could sleep, this little book is a lot of fun and reassurance for parents or grandparents about getting a baby to sleep.' - ReadPlus PRAISE FOR SELF-HELP FOR BABIES SERIES 'Beck and Matt Stanton sure know how to bring a smile to their readers face, no matter their age and this latest series does not disappoint in the humour department ... With clear black and white images and the use of block color backgrounds, this series is sure to demand the attention of little minds. They are great books to snuggle up with and smile at.' - Dark Matter Zine 'Illustrated with very simple line drawings that manage to capture real life scenarios every new parent will recognise, they are tongue-in-cheek reassurance to hollow-eyed, exhausted parents wondering 'Is it just me? Am I a terrible parent? Why won't my baby sleep? What am I doing wrong?' ... It's a delight; something that could be read aloud to a baby while giving a wrung-out parent a much-needed chuckle.' - Denise Newtown Writes

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