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Existential Monday: Essays

Existential Monday: Essays

  • Author: Rubens, Andrew
  • ISBN: 9781590178980
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Benjamin Fondane, who was born and educated in Romania, moved as an adult to Paris, lived for a time in Buenos Aires, where he was close to Victoria Ocampo, Borges's friend and publisher, and died in Auschwitz, was an artist and thinker who found in every limit, in every border, "a torture and a spur." Poet, critic, man of the theater, movie director, Fondane's thought took a philosophical turn in 1930s, which made him a major interlocutor - alongside such figures as Andre Breton, Albert Camus, and Simone Weil - in that decade's desperate intellectual, political, and spiritual debates. In this company Fondane stood out as the most daring of the existentialists, a metaphysical anarchist, affirming life and the individual against those great universal abstractions which limit human freedom - the State, History, the Law, the Idea; a rebel who refused the stable identity conferred by any form of "belonging" to some larger group or institution, "ferociously unique, outside of all categories." Existential Monday is the first selection of Fondane's philosophical work to appear in English. Comprising four major essays, it reveals Fondane, until now little-known except to specialists, to be of the great French philosophers of the twentieth century.

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