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Build Your Own Small Wind Power System

Build Your Own Small Wind Power System

  • Author: Shea, Kevin
  • ISBN: 9780071761574
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Harness the wind to generate clean, safe, and reliable energy Build Your Own Small Wind Power System focuses on the untapped potential for small wind power closer to home. This hands-on guide shows you how to install a grid-connected, residential-scale, wind power system. You'll get step-by-step details on the "how to" basics of getting your own systems up and running, including how to evaluate your site for wind power potential, getting permits, and financing it. You'll also find out how to help promote more wind-friendly public policies, from local permitting and zoning to working with local utilities. The book serves as a valuable toolbox to help you get things done and make a difference. The final chapters analyze the breakthroughs in wind technology that are just around the corner, as well as provide a list of resources. Build Your Own Small Wind Power System Lays out the basic science of wind energy Discusses the technical aspects of small wind, including demonstrating how to evaluate a site, how to get permits, the major components of the system, and exactly how to set it up and connect it Shows you how to overcome zoning hurdles, take advantage of available tax credits and governmental incentives, and work with your existing utilities to get the most out of your wind system Offers a global perspective, with sources and cases from around the world Covers all the technical aspects of wind power--including height, lot size, aesthetics, sound, property values, insurance, installation, and potential of structural/electrical failure Filled with practical details: Wind Power Basics; Why Wind Power is Soaring; Intro to Wind Science; Nuts and Blades; Install Your Own Small Wind Power; How to Evaluate Your Site for Wind; How to Get the Permits to Install Small Wind Power; Financing Small Wind Power; Let's Build One; How to Connect Your System; Make Your Community Small Wind Power Friendly; Overcoming Zoning Hurdles; Working with Your Utility; Tapping into Green Power Markets; What's Around the Corner; The Future of Wind Power; Resources Make Great Stuff! TAB, an imprint of McGraw-Hill Professional, is a leading publisher of DIY technology books for makers, hackers, and electronics hobbyists.

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