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100 Days of Calm

100 Days of Calm

  • Author: Smith, Michael Acton
  • ISBN: 9780241359464
  • Availability: Not Yet Published – Pre-order
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Modern life is so stressful and chaotic that we can easily become overwhelmed by the increasing demands placed upon us. Our minds are constantly whizzing from one thing to the next, leaving us weighed down with burden, struggling to sleep and plagued by stress. We need an antidote to all this stress. Even simply taking the time and space each day for a moment of calm can dramatically change the way we feel. That's where 100 Days of Calm comes in- a book full of imaginative and inspiring activities to help create these moments of clarity and peace every day - setting you firmly on the path to a happier and more tranquil life. From bigger tasks such as cultivating gratitude and practicing Tai Chi, to little pleasures like haiku writing, and star gazing - each activity in this book taps into an area of life that could use more calm and focus. Whether looking for new ideas, or help in finding that initial motivation, this book is for any reader seeking to inject some calm into their life.

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