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Gods of Management:  Four Cultures of Leadership

Gods of Management: Four Cultures of Leadership

  • Author: Handy, Charles B.
  • ISBN: 9781788165624
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It has always been a myth that there is one best way to manage - but it has been a pervasive myth and a damaging one, to both individuals and organisations. Alongside the most successful leaders in history, we can find a new story in the timeless wisdom of the Ancient Greeks. They recognised a variety of gods and, Charles Handy shows, this productive diversity should be reflected in management too. In this classic of business thinking, Handy draws on decades of experience and the Greek gods to illuminate the different styles of management found in businesses and organisations. Whether the dynamic entrepreneurial spirit of Zeus, or the task-oriented focus of Athena, each god demonstrates the different values and culture that a leader can create. Successful leaders will learn how to cultivate these qualities, work to their teams' strengths and use the importance of culture to foster a productive and happy workplace.

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