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Overview Timelapse

Overview Timelapse

  • Author: Grant, Benjamin
  • ISBN: 9781984858658
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Change is Earth's most important and influential constant. From the regular shifting of the seasons to the increasingly dramatic (and increasingly common) weather events sparked by the warming climate, life on our planet is constantly impacted by change. When viewed over various periods of time--days, months, and years--these changes become especially apparent, as does the scale and scope of our impact on Earth. Overview Timelapse is a compelling photographic survey--consisting of satellite and aerial images--of the state of change on Earth today. Paired sets of before-and-after images as well as larger groups of time lapse photos offer a fresh perspective of how these changes look from a larger-than-life scale. From devastating human-created change such as the shrinking polar ice caps, to fascinating change like two islands becoming one after a volcanic eruption, Overview Timelapse showcases more than 250 dazzling images.

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