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Photography Storytelling Workshop: A five-step guide to creating unforgettable photographs, The

Photography Storytelling Workshop: A five-step guide to creating unforgettable photographs, The

  • Author: Beales, Finn
  • ISBN: 9780711254701
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If you want to make it beyond Instagram as a photographer you have to give a solid listen to the ideas, tips and overall mindset that Finn shares in this workshop. @alexstrohlDon't just take a picture, make photos that move people. Storytelling is a gift to photographers, letting you weave together characters, events, locations and subjects into a work of beauty greater than the sum of its parts. There are as many stories to tell as pictures to take, but there are also tried-and-tested methods you can adopt to help improve your photography and streamline your workflow. In this beginner-to-pro workshop, award-winning photographer and influencer Finn Beales teaches enthusiasts and aspiring professionals how to master every element of the photographers process. By following his five-step course - Pitch, Prepare, Shoot, Edit and Deliver - you will develop the same successful, reliable working methods that earn influence and delight audiences, regardless of what genre youre working in. Create intrigue, pull in your audience and tell richer, more rounded stories using your DSLR camera.Want to craft a shoot from start to finish? All the essentials are covered, from building a story into your creative, shoot preparation, the necessary gear and props, working with mood-boards and call sheets, compositional balance, and directing models, right through to post production, editing and file delivery. Discover within: * What equipment you'll need, when and why; * The secret to key shots and essential techniques; * Plot devices to help you craft your narrative; * Step-by-step DSLR projects to perfect your skills; * Effortlessly capture events, landscapes, portraits, interiors and experiences; * How to edit better and be different; * Extra exercises to improve your smartphone photography. Compose for impact. Stand out through story.

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