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Essentials of Mental Health Nursing

Essentials of Mental Health Nursing

  • Author: Wright, Karen
  • ISBN: 9781526447166
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This ground-breaking textbook gathers contributions from service users, expert practitioners and leading academics to help students develop the core knowledge and skills they need to qualify as mental health nurses. Focusing in particular on helping students apply person-centred, compassionate and recovery-focused care, service-user voices and practical case studies are integrated throughout the book. Students are also given a rounded understanding of the key debates they will face in practice through the exploration of both bio-medical and psycho-social approaches. Key features include: Voices and case studies from real practising nurses and students help students apply knowledge to practice.Critical thinking activities, debates, and `What's the Evidence' summaries help students develop higher level critical thinking and evidence based practice skills. Further reading and free SAGE journal articles facilitate independent learning.Online MCQs and Flashcards make revision simple and fun.The free interactive ebook gives students the freedom to learn anywhere!Online Lecturer resources: free MCQs, video debates, SAGE journal articles and more, which can be used for flipped classroom activities or lectures to make teaching more interactive.

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