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Dancing with Your Muse: Inner magic to release fear and embrace creativity

Dancing with Your Muse: Inner magic to release fear and embrace creativity

  • Author: Joffe, Gilda
  • ISBN: 9781922539069
  • Availability: Not Yet Published – Pre-order
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Have you ever had a dream, but let it go because you were too afraid of failure to try? Dancing with Your Muse is a heartfelt, motivational guide to understanding this fear, realising that you are not alone in it, and working past it to achieve your goals without inhibition. Fear of failure is a universal issue that can hold even the most talented of people back from reaching their full potential. Dancing with Your Muse is a series of thirty essays which speak about the common and debilitating anxieties encountered on the path to creative expression. Sections include: "Fear In All Its Glory" - explains patterns of fear, and shows you how to transform inhibitors into positive outcomes. "Judgement and Criticism" - provides guidance on how to keep yourself in balance without succumbing to outside perceptions of your worth. "Success in Different Guises" - expands your notion of success by giving you a more personal, expansive understanding of what accomplishment really means to you. Written in a gentle, contemplative tone, this book will encourage you to determine and strive for success on your own terms. Performers, business people, students, and everyday dreamers alike will learn to courageously choose the most direct pathways to creative success and, more importantly, personal fulfillment, holding only a desire to contribute fully to their own life.

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