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Teaching Primary School Mathematics and Statistics: Evidence-based Practice

Teaching Primary School Mathematics and Statistics: Evidence-based Practice

  • Author: Averill, R.
  • ISBN: 9781877398643
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"It's like looking at the stars," says one child describing their thoughts about one million. "Oh hika! Wow!" exclaims a teacher excitedly about her students' probability thinking. This book is full of exciting and engaging snapshots of excellent classroom practice relevant to The New Zealand Curriculum and national mathematics standards. There are many fascinating examples of investigative learning experiences, and key research - and practice-based ideas about teaching, learning, and assessing mathematics and statistics. Topics are grouped into two sections. The first focuses on the teaching of mathematical and statistical content including: learning to count; handling numbers; thinking multiplicatively, developing understanding of fractions and decimals, algebra, measurement, geometry, statistical literacy, and probability. The second focuses on pedagogical content knowledge including: developing understanding of our learners; investigative teaching; developing mathematical inquiry and argumentation; teaching in kura kaupapa Maori; developing mathematical and statistical ideas and literature; using technology; integrating the key competencies; and teaching gifted and talented children. The book is structured to give opportunities for thinking beyond the text through the inclusion of focus questions and points to ponder. Classroom-ready activities in each chapter help link theory and practice. It is a valuable resource for those working in initial teacher education, a marvellous toolkit for new graduates, has a place in every primary school and should quickly become dog-eared.

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