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Applied Mechanics

Applied Mechanics

  • Author: Hannah, J.
  • ISBN: 9780582256323
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In general, sections of the text and the lists of problems have been revised and the drawings improved throughout. In particular, the chapter on Aircraft and Rockets has been re-written in parts and expanded; this chapter is intended to be an introduction to the topics of jet and propeller-driven aircraft, helicopters and rockets, having the advantage of bringing together in the exercises the subjects of statics and dynamics as well as thermo- and gas-dynamics with fluid flow. Some descriptive work on propulsion systems and aerodynamics has been included to support the elementary basic, mechanics. The treatment of the topic "Gravitation and Satellites" has also been marginally increased. To contain the size of the book the chapters on "Experimental Methods and Fluid in Motion" have been slightly curtailed. The text meets the mechanical engineering and "applied mechanics" requirements of the Business and Technician Education Council's Certificate and Diploma courses in Engineering and courses of similar level. It is hoped also that the book will continue to be useful as a supporting text to students in the early stages of higher diploma and degree course and in comparable courses overseas.

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