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101 Things I Learned in Law School

The world of the law is brought to vivid life with 101 introductory lessons on such topics as pre-trial motions, jury selection, and torts. It's the perfect book for anyone who is considering a possib..

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A Dictionary of Law 9E

This bestselling dictionary is an authoritative and comprehensive source of jargon-free legal information. It contains over 4,800 entries that clearly define the major terms, concepts, processes, and ..

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Adams on Criminal Law Student Edition 2016


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Adams on Criminal Law Student Edition 2019


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Animal Law in New Zealand

Animal Law in New Zealand is authored by Neil Wells, a leading national and international expert in the field of Animal Law and writer of the New Zealand Animal Welfare Bill in 1997 which then, combin..

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Assessment of Mental Capacity


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Brookers Company Law Handbook 2015


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Brookers Property Law Legislation 2016

Brookers Property Law Legislation Handbook 2016 is a comprehensive collection of key property law acts and regulations in one convenient bound volume. The content has been carefully developed in consu..

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Burrows, Finn and Todd on Law of Contract in New Zealand 6E

Law of Contract in New Zealand, written by John Burrows, Jeremy Finn and Stephen Todd, was first published in 1997. This 6th edition sees for the first time a change in authorship, being written by Je..

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Butterworth Student Companion : Employment Law 2E

The second edition of Butterworths Student Companion: Employment Law contains concise summaries of the leading decisions that are covered in the study of evidence. This is an invaluable, easy-to-read ..

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Butterworths Crimes Act 1961 20E


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Butterworths Question & Answer Series: Company Law
Butterworths Student Companion : Contract Law 6e

Butterworths Student Companion: Contract Law contains concise summaries of the leading decisions covered in the study of contract law. The book is designed to be used by students in conjunction with l..

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Butterworths Student Companion : Evidence 2E

The second edition of Butterworths Student Companion: Evidence contains concise summaries of the leading New Zealand and international decisions that are covered in the study of evidence. This is an i..

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Butterworths Student Companion : Tax


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Butterworths Student Companion to Family Law


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Carter's Guide to New Zealand Contract Law


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Clash of Law & Justice in New Zealand

Part one explores with careful reasoning how justice and morality can be a casualty of our legal system. This was provoked by what became to be known as the Louise Nicholas case. The second part of th..

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Coercive Care: Rights, Law and Policy

There has been much debate about mental health law reform and mental capacity legislation in recent years with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities also having a major impact o..

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Collection and Retention of DNA from Suspects in New Zealand, The
Company Law in New Zealand

Company Law in New Zealand is a comprehensive discussion and analysis of the principles of company law in New Zealand. Focusing on the law affecting companies registered under the Companies Act 1993, ..

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Company Law in New Zealand 2nd Ed


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Company Law: Student Companion


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Concept of Law, The

Fifty years on from its original publication, HLA Hart's The Concept of Law is widely recognized as the most important work of legal philosophy published in the twentieth century, and remains the star..

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Constitutional & Administrative Law in New Zealand 4E

Constitutional and Administrative Law in New Zealand is the authoritative text on public law in New Zealand. The new edition consolidates the high scholarly standards of the earlier editions in analys..

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Contract Law Made Easy


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Conveyancing Law Handbook

The Conveyancing Law Handbook is a first point of reference for legal executives and solicitors in practice to assist in the day-to-day procedures of conveyancing. Easy to read and using examples, cha..

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Coroners' Recommendations and the Promise of Saved Lives

This timely book is an investigation of the highly debated questions: do coroners' recommendations save lives and how often are they implemented? It is the first socio-legal investigation of coroners'..

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Crime, Law and Justice in New Zealand

Crime, Law and Justice in New Zealand examines the recent crime trends and the social, political, and legal changes in New Zealand from the end of the twentieth century to the present. Serving as the ..

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Criminal Justice

An introduction to New Zealand's criminal justice system - from crime and policing to the courts - aimed at students and general readers. In this major new textbook, leading scholars from criminology,..

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Criminal Law Study Guide


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Cross on Evidence

Sir Rupert Cross hoped his work would supply "the middle place" for students and practitioners, with theoretical discussion for the former and generous case law for the latter. The New Zealand tenth e..

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Cross on Evidence 9E

In the preface of the first edition of Evidence in 1958, Sir Rupert Cross stated that he hoped his work would supply "the middle place" for both students and practitioners with the theoretical discuss..

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Discipline of Law

The underlying theme of this book is 'that the principles of law laid down by the Judges in the 19th century - however suited to social conditions of the time - are not suited to the social necessitie..

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Dispute Resolution in New Zealand 2E


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Electoral Law in New Zealand 2E


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Employment Law in New Zealand


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Employment Law in New Zealand 2E

Employment Law in New Zealand presents New Zealand employment law concisely and in a format accessible to both students and legal practitioners. New to this edition is an expanded discussion of the em..

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Employment Law Made Easy


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Employment Relationships: Workers, Unions & Employers in New Zealand
Environmental and Resource Management Law

Environmental and Resource Management Law is a major component of modern legal practice. Legislative changes, especially the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017, along with recent litigation and t..

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Ethics, Professional Responsibility & the Lawyer 3E

Ethics, Professional Responsibility and the Lawyer examines the issues facing lawyers in the context of a changing professional environment. This new edition takes into account the impact of the Lawye..

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Event Ticket: Constitution Conversation


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Family Law in New Zealand 18E

Family Law in New Zealand, now in its 18th edition, is written by a panel of family law experts and presents the current principles and trends of New Zealand family law in a clear and concise manner. ..

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Family Law Legislation 16E

A comprehensive, consolidated resource of statutory material for easy reference in the practice and study of Family Law. Family Law Legislation incorporates the most up-to-date legislation including:..

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Family Law Policy in New Zealand

This book provides an outline of the policy underlying family law development in New Zealand by leading New Zealand authors. The focus is on the underlying themes, policies and potential developments ..

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Focus on Resource Management Law


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Forsyth's Guide to Trusts and Estate Practice - 8th Edition

This is a practical handbook which provides a clear and concise outline of the law relating to trusts, wills, executors and administrators. Changes have occurred in this area since the previous editio..

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Guide to Competition Law (2nd Edition)

The authoritative title Guide to Competition Law, 2nd edition explores the nuances of New Zealand's competition law, which finds legislative expression in the Commerce Act 1986. Competition law attemp..

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Health and Safety At Work 2E


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Health and Safety Law Made Easy

Health and safety is now the responsibility of everyone at the workplace under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015. The personal and financial consequences of getting it wrong are severe. Ignorance..

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