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Interior Design

#shelfie: How to Style and Display Your Collections

Use your shelves to display your collections and create ever-evolving works of art with Geraldine James's inspirational ideas. Find out how you can use what you already have in a stylish and unex..

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10-Minute Feng Shui: Hundreds of Easy Tips and Techniques for Prosperity, Health, and Happiness

Feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, can transform your love life, financial situation, health, and overall happiness. With 10 Minute Feng Shui, learn how to reap these benefits with just ..

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150 Best Tiny Space Ideas

Discover the latest innovations in tiny space design in this lush compendium in the 150 Best series, showcasing 150 full-color profiles. As the price of large residences have become increasingly ..

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Art of Outdoor Living: Gardens for Entertaining Family and Friends, The

Pools made private by lush plantings, bedrooms open to the back yard, bar seating by the outdoor oven. California native and exterior architect Scott Shrader is known for creating covetable outdoor ro..

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Art of Simple

When Eleanor Ozich moved to the outskirts of the city with her husband and young family she set about enjoying a much calmer way of life. Shedding unnecessary clutter and adopting a simpler style of l..

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Axel Vervoordt: Portraits of Interiors

Eighteen recently-designed homes demonstrate how Axel Vervoordt incorporates nature, art, and timeless interiors to create living spaces that encourage self-reflection, inspiration, and happiness. ..

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Belle Beautiful Australian Homes Volume II

FOLLOWING ON FROM THE SUCCESS of Belle Beautiful Australian Homes we are pleased to present Belle Beautiful Australian Homes Volume II which will showcase 40 more incredible abodes from Australia's le..

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Bibliostyle: How We Live at Home with Books

`A room without books is like a body without soul.' - Cicero In Bibliostyle, interior designer Nina Freudenberger teams up with New Yorker writer Sadie Stein, and Architectural Digest photogra..

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Bloom Wild: a free-spirited guide to decorating with floral patterns

Designer Bari J. Ackerman's signature Style-modern florals bursting with color-brings energy and joy to interior design. Justina Blakeney and Anne Sage are fans of Ackerman's work, and have this to sa..

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Bohemian Living: Creative Homes around the World

Bohemian Living sidesteps the world of carefully constructed interior design and, instead, dives into the liberated and nonconformist atmosphere of offbeat beauty and artistic delights.Robyn Lea is an..

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Bohemian Style at Home

Bohemian style is characterized by free-flowing fabrics, bright colours and a multitude of clashing patterns. Heavily inspired by the 1960s and 1970s free-spirited way of life, it is one of the most v..

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Bold British Design: Modern living spaces to inspire fearlessness and creativity

Bold British Design sees tastemakers at the epicentre of British interior design share their exclusive vision and inspiration for achieving a bold interior, inspiring you to create your own original, ..

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Cabana: Anthology

Cabana Anthology, drawn from the sought-after, sumptuous bi- annual Cabana magazine, celebrates the most luxurious personal statements in interior design, lifestyle, architecture, and all related lu..

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Chalet Monet: Inside the Home of Dame Joan Sutherland and Richard Bonynge

Situated in a dress circle position on the slopes of the village of Les Avants, overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland, Chalet Monet is the magnificent home of Dame Joan Sutherland OM AC DBE and her h..

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Collected: City + Country, Volume No 1

Cut through the clutter with a compilation of HGTV star and award-winning designer Sarah Richardson's favourite places and things, all following up on the bestselling success of Sarah Style and At Hom..

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Complete Book Of Home Organization

Have you ever wished you had the time and tools to organize your house in a clutter-free, design-conscious, Pinterest-worthy way? From storage solutions and cleaning tips to secret space-saving method..

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Complete Color Harmony, Pantone Edition: Expert Color Information for Professional Color Results

The Complete Color Harmony: Pantone Edition is the latest in Rockport Publishers' best-selling color series. Completely revised from start to finish this new edition, is written by Leatrice Eiseman, e..

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Country Brocante Style

Lucy Haywood is the creator of The Country Brocantes - home and lifestyle fairs held in idyllic rural surroundings. In Country Brocante Style, she introduces her pretty and accessible signature look i..

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Decors Barbares:  Enchanting Interiors of Nathalie Farman-Farma

A refreshing antidote to the contrived nature of much contemporary interior design, the textiles and decoration of Nathalie Farman-Farma have gained a devoted following among celebrity and socialite c..

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Design by Nature: Creating Layered, Lived-in Spaces Inspired by the Natural World

Inspired by nature's colors, textures, and patterns, design icon Erica Tanov uses her passion for textiles to create beautiful, timeless interiors that connect us to the natural world. Design by Natur..

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Design Lives Here: Australian interiors, furniture and lighting

Australian design has forged its own unique trajectory, influenced by geographic isolation, a distinctive natural environment and a modern sensibility. Design Lives Here showcases the best of Aus..

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Dinner Time: New Restaurant Interior Design

In a world full of fast-paced lifestyles, constant interaction and interlinked global activities, food has become a common denominator that connects people from all around the world and new trends of ..

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Down to Earth:Laid-back Interiors for Modern Living: Laid-back Interiors for Modern Living

An elevated yet accessible follow-up to Lauren Liess's Habitat, showcasing her signature easy-living lifestyle Down to Earth picks up right where Lauren Liess's critically acclaimed Hab..

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Drawing for Interior Designers

This book is aimed at helping budding interior designers learn how to draw professional looking interior designs. It is accessible, beautifully illustrated and practical. Guidance is given on draw..

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Elements of Family Style: Elegant Spaces for Everyday Life

New York Times bestselling author and popular lifestyle blogger Erin Gates shares everything you need to know about designing a beautifully stylish-yet practical and functional-family home through can..

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Faded Glamour: Inspirational Interiors and Beautiful Homes

Take a tour through Pearl Lowe's beautiful Somerset home, decorated in her trademark mix of romantic and rock 'n' roll, and get a glimpse into her friends' unique houses, including the homes of Alice ..

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Foraged Home, The

Anyone can create a beautiful home by foraging, and salvaging what they find. Whether a box of rusty nails or a disused armchair missing a leg, discarded objects can be restored, recycled or repurpose..

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Global Bohemian

Why settle for one style when you can indulge your love of several? Whether exuberant or subtle, eclectic or sophisticated, bohemian style welcomes a freethinking approach to decorating. Fifi O'Neill ..

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Great English Interiors

Famed photographer Derry Moore and renowned interior designer David Mlinaric offer a panoramic tour inside some of Britain's finest manor houses, halls, castles, and public buildings. Bridging five ce..

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Hare + Klein Interior

Distinguished by an aesthetic of understated luxury and attention to fine detail, Hare + Klein is synonymous with uncompromisingly comfortable, liveable interiors made exceptional by deceivingly effor..

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Henri Samuel: Master of the French Interior

Design legend Henri Samuel believed that a successful interior was one in which an observer never suspected that a decorator had been involved. This book takes the reader inside some of Samuel s groun..

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Home for the Soul

Home for the Soul is about creating a considerate and sustainable home that also sparks happiness and reflects the spirits, passions and tastes of its inhabitants. A shift in awareness means tha..

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Home is Where You Make it: DIY Ideas and Styling Secrets to Create a Home You Love - Whether You Rent or Own

Add style and individuality to your home with DIY, even when you're renting. Home Is Where You Make It channels the simplicity and beauty of modern living. This is your room-by-room guide to making an..

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Home Upgrade: New Homes in Remodeled Buildings, The

Upgrade 2 is the follow-up to Upgrade, Gestalten's hugely successful title on home extensions, alterations and refurbishments. While the need for housing continues to grow, so does architects' interes..

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Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave

In Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave, Joanna Gaines walks you through how to create a home that reflects the personalities and stories of the people who live there. Using ex..

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Hygge & West Home: Design for a Cozy Life

From the ladies behind the Hygge & West brand comes a unique exploration of decor and hygge. The book answers the question of how to create a home filled with natural elements, spaces for family and f..

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Iconic Interior: 1900 to the Present

This compact volume features over 100 of the most spectacular interiors from across the world, spanning the entire 20th century to the present day. It includes interiors assembled by artists and fashi..

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Insta-style for Your Living Space: Inventive Ideas and Quick Fixes to Create a Stylish Home

The homes featured here range from apartments to small houses, but all reveal the stunning effects of using space creatively and clever storage solutions that can double up as unique displays. Plus, l..

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Kabinett & Kammer: Creating Authentic Interiors

"In this book, Sean Scherer shows us all how to create unique sanctuaries for ourselves.... Imaginative spaces that are authentic and honest, designed to be lived in and loved." - Anderson Cooper (fro..

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Katie Ridder: More Rooms

Bold combinations of primary and secondary colours; exquisitely crafted trims, embroidery, lampshades and countless accessories (all designed by her); imaginative room surfaces from silver leaf to cu..

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Kinfolk Home

Interest in home design has been on the rise for some time, but Kinfolk's focus on slowing down and creating a more intentional, beautiful home is where the attention is shifting. Through luscious pho..

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Kitchen Living

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Combining inspiring interior design and professional knowledge, this is a tasteful guide to creating spaces that go beyond mere function. The kitchen is the new..

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Living Life Beautifully

Living Life Beautifully tells the story of how Christina founded legendary fabric company Cabbages & Roses and grew it into a lifestyle brand. Christina talks about her inspirations and influences, an..

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Made of Wood: In the Home

"Mark has a knack for seeing beauty and value in things others might discard. His was the original jam-jar light, and he and Sally were using antique grain sacks as upholstery and mismatched floorboar..

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Maison: Parisian Chic at Home

A duo of high-profile tastemakers invites readers inside fifteen homes that are infused with the blend of vintage-contemporary style that is the essence of Parisian chic. ..

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Mid-Century Living: The Butterfly House Collection

An incurable collector shares her astonishing collection of vintage New Zealand art, objects and design and her classic 1960s seaside bach. For over 30 years, philanthropist and best-selling author ..

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Mid-Century Modern at Home: A Room-by-Room Guide


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Mid-Century Modern Living: The Mini Modern's Guide to Pattern and Style

Bursting with beautiful ideas for bringing a signature mid-century look into your own space, as well as practical advice on what will work where, this is an essential guide for any lover of interior..

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Monochrome Home: Elegant Interiors in Black and White

Decorating in black and white is perennially popular and eternally chic. Hilary Robertson demonstrates how, whether used alone or together, these contrasting shades can create dramatic effects at home..

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More is More: Memphis, Maximalism and New Wave Design

Pump up the postmodernism! Curious ceramic objects, wildly patterned fabrics, and anthropomorphic lamps: Instantly recognizable and never, ever boring, Memphis is one of the most important design move..

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Natural Home: Creative Interiors Inspired by the Beauty of the Natural World, The

Influential art director and stylist Hans Blomquist starts off by exploring the essence of his style. Firstly, Plants and Flowers celebrates the beauty of nature, botanical prints and pictures, and th..

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