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Extreme Cities: The Peril and Promise of Urban Life in the Age of Climate Change

A cutting exploration of how cities drive climate change while being on the frontlines of the coming climate crisis How will climate change affect our lives? Where will its impacts be most deeply felt..

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Extreme Cities: The Peril and Promise of Urban Life in the Age of Climate Change

How will climate change affect our lives? Where will its impacts be most deeply felt? Are we doing enough to protect ourselves from the coming chaos? In Extreme Cities, Ashley Dawson argues that citie..

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F**k Plastic: 101 ways to free yourself from plastic and save the world

Is the thought of the 51 trillion pieces of plastic in our oceans keeping you up at night? Don't panic! The war on plastic has begun and you are a key component in it. In this book you'll find 101 lit..

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Fable of A Stable Climate: Thitings and Debates of a Climate Realist
Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

A powerful call to arms from one of the world's most eminent environmentalists. Thirty years ago, environmentalist Bill McKibben's bestselling The End of Nature - now regarded as a classic - was..

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Family Guide to Waste-Free Living, A

Tackle our ever-growing waste problem. A Family Guide to Waste-free Living gives you all the information, advice, budget-friendly recipes and projects you'll need to start reducing waste in your..

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Farewell to Ice: A Report from the Arctic

Most of the scientific establishment predict that the North Pole will be free of ice around the middle of this century. As Peter Wadhams, the world's leading expert on sea ice, demonstrates in this bo..

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Feral: Rewilding the Land, Sea and Human Life

How many of us sometimes feel that we are scratching at the walls of this life, seeking to find our way into a wider space beyond? That our mild, polite existence sometimes seems to crush the breath o..

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Field Notes from a Catastrophe: A Frontline Report on Climate Change

Elizabeth Kolbert's environmental classic Field Notes from a Catastrophe first developed out of a groundbreaking, award-winning three-part series in The New Yorker. She expanded it into a still-concis..

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Fight for Beauty: Our Path to a Better Future

We live in a world where the drive for economic growth is crowding out everything that can't be given a monetary value. We're stuck on a treadmill where only the material things in life gain traction ..

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Forest Unseen: A Year's Watch in Nature

A 2013 Pulitzer Prize Finalist for General NonfictionWinner of the 2013 Best Book Award from the National AcademiesA Finalist for the PEN/E.O. Wilson Literary Science Writing AwardWinner of the Nation..

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Governing the Commons: The Evolution of Institutions for Collective Action

The governance of natural resources used by many individuals in common is an issue of increasing concern to policy analysts. Both state control and privatization of resources have been advocated, but ..

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Grass Productivity

Grass Productivity is a prodigiously documented textbook of scientific information concerning every aspect of management where the cow and grass meet. Andre Voisin's rational grazing method maximizes ..

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Great Derangement: Climate Change and the Unthinkable

Are we deranged? The acclaimed Indian novelist Amitav Ghosh argues that future generations may well think so. How else to explain our imaginative failure in the face of global warming? In his first ma..

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Green Housekeeping: Recipes and Solutions for a Cleaner, More Sustainable Home

Saving the planet for future generations is a laudable aim, but what about the current populace? Why wait when even small lifestyle changes can make a big difference now? Green Housekeeping is full of..

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Grilled: Turning Adversaries into Allies to Change the Chicken Industry

'An animal activist's journey to the "other side"' Joanna Lumley This is the story of what happens when we cross enemy lines to look for solutions. Leah Garces has dedicated her career to fi..

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Half-Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life

History is not a prerogative of the human species, Edward O. Wilson declares in Half-Earth. Demonstrating that we blindly ignore the histories of millions of other species, Wilson warns us that a poin..

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Happier People, Healthier Planet: How Putting Wellbeing First Would Help Sustain Life on Earth

Most human beings are strongly attracted to material possessions, novelty and ever greater comfort and convenience, yet paradoxically, for those with a decent basic standard of living, growing affluen..

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Healing Earth: An Ecologist's Journey of Innovation and Environmental Stewardship

A stand-out from the sea of despairing messages about climate change, well-known sustainability elder John Todd, who has taught, mentored, and inspired such well-known names in the field as Janine Ben..

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Heaven & Earth: Global Warning the Missing Science
Heroes of the Sea

From time immemorial, we humans have felt drawn to the magic of the sea, to its power and unpredictability. Today, however, our oceans are threatened as never before. Plastic pollution, climate change..

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Horse-Powered Farming for the 21st Century: A Complete Guide to Equipment, Methods, and Management for Organic Growers

With contributions from more than 60 contemporary draft-animal-powered farmers and equipment manufacturers Now is a time of exciting new developments for live animal power. As the numbers of adherents..

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How Soon is Now: From Personal Initiation to Global Transformation

'A blueprint for the future' Russell BrandTHE WORLD NEEDS TO CHANGEWe have unleashed an ecological mega-crisis which is threatening the future of life on Earth. The actions we take over the next decad..

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How To Give Up Plastic

Plastic is everywhere - from the deepest canyons in the ocean to the frozen Arctic tundra. 12.7 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean every year, killing over 1 million seabirds and 100,000..

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How to Give Up Plastic: A Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time. From the Head of Oceans at Greenpeace and spokesperson for their

'We have a responsibility, every one of us' David Attenborough Around 12.7 million tonnes of plastic are entering the ocean every year, killing over 1 million seabirds and 100,000 marine mammals..

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How to Save the World For Free

There is no greater aspiration than saving the world. Natalie Fee's upbeat and engaging book is a life-altering guide to making those changes that will contribute to helping our planet. Covering all k..

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Human Planet: How We Created the Anthropocene

A remarkable exploration of the science, history and politics of the Anthropocene, one of the most important scientific ideas of our time, from two world-renowned experts Meteorites, methane, meg..

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Ice at the End of the World, The

Greenland: a remote, mysterious, ice-covered rock with a population of just 56,000, has evolved from one of earth's last physical frontiers to its largest scientific laboratory. Locked within th..

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Illustrated Walden: or, Life in the Woods

Henry David Thoreau built his small cabin on Walden Pond in 1845 and, for two years, lived there as simply as possible, eliminating the unnecessary material and spiritual details that intrude upon hum..

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Indigenous Pacific Approaches to Climate Change: Aotearoa/New Zealand

Situating Maori Ecological Knowledge (MEK) within traditional environmental knowledge (TEK) frameworks, this book recognizes that indigenous ecological knowledge contributes to our understanding of ho..

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Jet Stream: A Journey Through our Changing Climate

The northern hemisphere has been struck by a number of extreme weather events in recent years, from the scorching Russian heatwave of 2010 to desperately cold winters in North America. These events ha..

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Just Cool it: The Climate Crisis and What We Can Do, a Post-Paris Agreement

A resounding post-Paris Agreement wake-up call about the urgency of the climate crisis that offers a range of practical solutions - and above all, hope. Climate change is the most important crisis hum..

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Let There be Water: Israel's Solution for a Water-Starved World

With hardly a day without a water-crisis story somewhere, Let There Be Water offers prescriptions on how countries, cities, and businesses can avoid the worst of it. With sixty percent of the country ..

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Let There Be Water: Israel's Solution for a Water-Starved World

"New York Times" and "Los Angeles Times" Bestseller! As every day brings urgent reports of growing water shortages around the world, there is no time to lose in the search for solutions.The U.S. gover..

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Letters to My Grandchildren

In this inspiring series of letters to his grandchildren, David Suzuki offers grandfatherly advice mixed with stories from his own remarkable life and explores what makes life meaningful. He challenge..

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Library of Ice: Readings from a Cold Climate

A vivid and perceptive book combining memoir, scientific and cultural history with a bewitching account of landscape and place, which will appeal to readers of Robert Macfarlane, Roger Deakin and Oliv..

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Life Without Plastic: The Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Avoiding Plastic to Keep Your Family and the Planet Healthy

After the birth of their son, Jay Sinha and Chantal Plamondon set out on a journey to eliminate plastic baby bottles as the Canadian government moved to ban BPA. When they found it was difficult to pr..

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Little Book of Going Green: Ways to Make the World a Better Place

The Little Book of Going Green aims to shed light on the ways humans are harming the environment, from pollution and deforestation to industrial production and farming methods. Filled with facts, theo..

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Live Green: 52 steps for a more sustainable life

Many of us are already doing what we can to adopt a greener lifestyle. We recycle, try to reduce our waste and plastics, choose organic food when shopping, eat less meat and opt for environmentally fr..

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Living Green - N.Z. Handbook for Eco-Friendly Toxin-Free Sustainable Life
Living In The Anthropocene: Earth in the Age of Humans

Although we arrived only recently in Earth's timeline, humans are driving major changes to the planet's ecosystems. Even now, the basic requirements for human life--air, water, shelter, food, nature, ..

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Losing Earth

By 1979, we knew all that we know now about the science of climate change - what was happening, why it was happening, and how to stop it. Over the next ten years, we had the very real opportunity to s..

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Mountains to Sea: Solving New Zealand's Freshwater Crisis: 2018

The state of New Zealand's freshwater has become an urgent public issue in recent years. From across the political spectrum, concern is growing about the pollution of New Zealand's rivers and streams...

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New Biological Economy, The: How New Zealanders are Creating Value from the Land

For over a century, New Zealand has built its economy through a series of commodity-based booms - from wood and wool to beef and butter. Now the country faces new challenges. By doubling down on dairy..

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New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency: The Classic Guide for Realists and Dreamers

Embrace off-grid green living with the bestselling classic guide to a more sustainable way of life, now with a brand new foreword from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. John Seymour has inspired thous..

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New Wild: Why Invasive Species Will be Nature's Salvation

Veteran environmental journalist Fred Pearce used to think of invasive species as evil interlopers spoiling pristine 'natural' ecosystems. Most conservationists would agree. But what if traditional ec..

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Nga Uruora

First published in 1995, Nga Uruora took the study of New Zealand's natural environment in radical new directions. Part ecology, part history, part personal odyssey, Nga Uruora offers a fresh per..

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No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference

'Everything needs to change. And it has to start today' In August 2018 a fifteen-year-old Swedish girl, Greta Thunberg, decided not to go to school one day. Her actions ended up sparking a globa..

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No Place to Hide: Climate Change


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Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence

James Lovelock, creator of the Gaia hypothesis and the greatest environmental thinker of our time has produced an astounding new theory about future of life on Earth. He argues that the anthropocene -..

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