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1,234 Qi Facts to Leave You Speechless

The QI team have blown your socks off, made your jaw drop and knocked you sideways. Now they return with 1,234 brand-new mind-blowing facts that will leave you speechless. flowers get suntans; Denmark..

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1,339 QI Facts to Make Your Jaw Drop

Following the sensational success of 1,227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks Off, the QI team returns with a fresh stack of facts to astonish and enlighten. Pigs suffer from anorexia. Wagner always wore pin..

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1,342 Qi Facts to Leave You Flabbergasted

The sock-blasting, jaw-dropping, side-swiping phenomenon that is QI serves up a sparkling new selection of 1,342 facts to leave you flabbergasted. Trees sleep at night. Google searches for 'How to put..

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1,423 QI Facts to Bowl You Over

The eye-popping, gob-smacking, rib-tickling phenomenon that is QI serves up a brand new selection of 1,423 facts to bowl you over.Bees can play football.Cholesterol is good for you.Camels gave humans ..

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100 Things Star Wars Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die

Perfect for Star Wars fans who think they already know everything On May 25, 1977, the world of science fiction, film, and pop culture was changed forever with the release of "Star Wars." The beginni..

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101 Bets You Will Always Win: The Science of the Seemingly Impossible

Attracting over 350 million views, Richard Wiseman's Quirkology YouTube channel has attracted legions of fans with its engaging blend of science and illusion. In this astonishing collection of fun tr..

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147 Things: My User's Guide to the Universe, from Black Holes to Bellybuttons

From YouTube superstar, TV presenter, model and fact-obsessive over-sharer Jim Chapman comes a hilarious user's guide to the universe. In 147 Things, Jim takes us on a whistle-stop tour of the bes..

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365 Days of Wonder

August Pullman stole the hearts of over a million readers in the bestselling, award-winning Wonder. 365 Days of Wonder is a beautiful companion to the novel: a collection of quotes and wise words, one..

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365 Simpler Days


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50 Queers Who Changed the World: A celebration of LGBTQ+ icons

Featuring beautifully illustrated portraits and profiles, 50 Queers Who Changed the World is a tribute to some of the most inspirational people of all time. LGBTQ people are some of the coolest in hi..

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500 Optical Illusions

This is a fun gift book to astound and surprise. You'll see, but won't believe! This amazing collection of 500 optical illusions brims with the best eye tricks and visual oddities. Try to figure out h..

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65 and Proud of it

'Retirement at 65 is ridiculous. When I was 65 I still had pimples.' George Burns Congratulations - you're starting another exciting new time in your life! This little book, packed with wise and witty..

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90 and Proud of it

'Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.' Jean Paul Congratulations - you're starting another exciting new decade! This little book, packed with wise and witty quotations, is the perfect..

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A Duck is Watching Me: Strange and Unusual Phobias

We are all fascinated by phobias and the weird and wonderful things that people are afraid of. Some phobias are those many of us can identify with - fear of needles, spiders or snakes for example - bu..

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ABCDE-F-You: The ABC's of Cat Ownership

Felis catus: a more inscrutable pet simply does not exist. How can we truly understand our kitties - their loves, their needs, their desire to poop on the things we hold most dear? ABCDEFU provides a ..

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Adolf Hitler: My Part in His Downfall

'At Victoria station the R.T.O. gave me a travel warrant, a white feather and a picture of Hitler marked "This is your enemy". I searched every compartment, but he wasn't on the train ...' In this, th..

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Adventures of Tin Man (book)

In a world increasingly complicated, Tin Man offers us a simpler, more sympathetic look at life and the world around us. He gives us hope that love will conquer all, that the push of a big red button ..

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Alice: 100 Postcards from Wonderland

To celebrate 150 years since the first publication of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, this gorgeous collection of one hundred postcards features a mix of Sir John Tenniel's original ..

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Amazing Book is Not on Fire: The World of Dan and Phil

Hello reader! In this book is a world. It is a world created by two awkward guys who share their lives on the internet! We are Dan and Phil and we invite you on a journey inside our minds! From the st..

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Amazing Dads: Love And Lessons From The Animal Kingdom

This fun, lighthearted book is a great way to show Dad how much he means to you. Page after page of stunning animal photographs and heartwarming stories of fatherhood in the animal kingdom showcases t..

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Written by bestselling author Boris Starling, The Americans is one of the new titles for 2017 in the Haynes Explains series. A light-hearted and entertaining take on the classic workshop manual, it co..

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Anti Journal

Anti Journal is no ordinary journal, it's an anarchic, therapeutic route to personal and artistic discovery packed with partially illustrated pages to complete in imaginative unconventional ways. For ..

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Art of Kissing

The dictionary says that a kiss is `a salute made by touching with the lips pressed closely together and suddenly parting them.' From this, it is quite obvious that, although a dictionary may know som..

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Art of Swearing: Over 40 Examples of Colourful Language

A hilarious collection of the most resplendent and refined examples of colourful language. Swearing really can be a beautiful thing as this collection of elegant expletives demonstrates. Calligrapher,..

$NZ 17.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 17.99

Artfolds: the Magic of Mum

Fold your own beautiful mum book to display on your bookself! Like an extra-long hug, The Magic of Mum sums up what is so special about motherhood. In this delightful volume, mothers and children them..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Atheist's Bible

"All thinking men are atheists", Ernest Hemingway famously wrote. True? Here are quips, quotes and questions from a distinguished assortment of geniuses and jokers, giving readers a chance to decide f..

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Awesome Women Who Changed History: Paper Dolls

The most badass collection of paper dolls--ever! Forget the runway. These Awesome Women Who Changed History are dressed for the battlefields, the picket lines--and the White House! These 20 realistic ..

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Bad Little Children's Books: Kidlit Parodies, Shameless Spoofs, and Offensively Tweaked Covers

In Bad Little Children's Books, illustrator Arthur C. Gackley creates a hysterical send-up of children's book covers from days of yore. Many of these original books focus on life's lessons, joys and c..

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Batman Batmobile

As the third installment of the "Batman Dark "Knight series hits cinemas, this miniature version of the iconic Batmobile will be a must-have for Bat-fans everywhere. With nearly 100 per cent worldwide..

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Batman: Metal Die-Cast Bat-Signal

Batman: Bat-Signal mini kit has sold 260,000 copies in a wide range of sales channels. Now this unique item for Batman fans worldwide is available in a larger, superior, ultra-deluxe edition, with a B..

$NZ 64.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 64.99

Batman: Talking Bust and Illustrated Book

"I m Batman!"Kit includes: - 3-1/2" Batman bust with sound bites from the Caped Crusader of Gotham City- 48-page book on Batman with full-color illustrations throughout- Replaceable batteries included..

$NZ 21.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 21.99

Be Like Bill

Be Like Bill is not only the biggest internet sensation of 2016 but he's also the smartest too. He understands what it takes to remain polite and civil in a world where people think it's ok to post ph..

$NZ 21.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 21.99

Become the Force

Daniel M Jones founded the Church of Jediism in 2007 following the Jedi Census phenomenon of 2001; it now has over 500,000 members around the world. This is the book his fans have been waiting for. In..

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Best Dad Ever

'I am not ashamed to say that no man I ever met was my father's equal.' Hedy Lamarr Dads should be told how wonderful they are. This little book collects heart-warming quotations and quirky thoughts i..

$NZ 17.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 17.99

Betrayed Confidence

Edward Gorey (American, 1925 2000) was a prolific artist and author, illustrating more than one hundred published works of his own as well as those of other writers. His erudite wit shines in every st..

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Big Book of Office Bollocks, The

The Big Book of Office Bollocks is jam-packed with enough fun and banter to banish your Monday-to-Friday, Nine-to-Five office boredom. In this incredible collection of office-related high jinx, jokes ..

$NZ 22.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 22.99

Big Boys' Toys

Big Boys' Toys takes a look at the wonderful world of consumer items that are available for the general amusement value and general awesomeness. It is directed towards the discerning male who has a lo..

$NZ 44.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 44.99

Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red Hair

The Big Redhead Book: Inside the Secret Society of Red Hair is your guide into one of the most elite societies in the world, letting you in on all of the top-secret things involving this rare part of ..

$NZ 39.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 39.99

Bitter Sweet Philosophies

A very sophisticated Picture Book for adults, The Bitter Sweet Philosophies is a collaboration between the artist Nick Fedaeff, and a collective of writers known as KK Jart. Nick Fedaeff is a Russian ..

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Blue Day Book Lesson in Cheering Yourself Up


$NZ 21.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 21.99

Bob's Burgers Talking Burger Button

Bob's Burgers Talking Button includes a Bob's Burgers burger-shaped button that plays 25 hilarious lines from the show featuring the voices of the stars. The kit also comes with a 48-page book featuri..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

Bomp It!

Computer crashed again? Bomp It! Work getting on your last nerve? Bomp It! Having one of those dense moments? Bomp It! This kit, including an inflatable squeaking gavel and hilarious 32-page guide, of..

$NZ 11.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 11.99

Book Lover's Cup of Tea (Miniature Edition): Includes Tea Infuser

The perfect gift for any bookworm in your life, The Book Lover's Cup of Tea includes an innovative book-shaped tea infuser (titled A Tale of Two Ci-Teas) that offers two ways to brew: Dunk the entire ..

$NZ 17.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 17.99

Book of Memory Gaps

Simon remembers every act of sin ever confessed to him. Pavel forgets what he has just played and rehearses the same melody over and over. Unable to recall faces, Veronika uses different perfumes to r..

$NZ 25.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 25.99

Book of Questions

An update of the best selling Book of Questions, the revised book poses over 300 questions that invite people to explore the most fascinating of subjects: themselves. It's a book that can be used as a..

$NZ 17.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 17.99

Book of Shakespearian Useless Information

'This book is loosely based on the lost journals that William Shakespeare never wrote, describing his life and times in chronological order and the subsequent Bardolatry that encompasses the civilized..

$NZ 29.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 29.99

Bookstore Cats

Cats have strong personalities that enchant and engage, and it turns out there are many of them living in every reader's favorite environment: the bookstore. With personalities and histories as varied..

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Box of Orchids: 100 Beautiful Postcards

One of every seven flowering plants on earth is an orchid. Some are stunningly over the top; others almost inconspicuous. The Orchidaceae is the second most widely geographically distributed family, a..

$NZ 27.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 27.99


Written by bestselling author Boris Starling, The British is one of the new titles for 2017 in the Haynes Explains series. A light-hearted and entertaining take on the classic workshop manual, it cont..

$NZ 19.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 19.99

Build a Rocket

With this unique interactive guide to space rockets, you'll build a model of the mighty Saturn V and learn fascinating facts about space and all kinds of spacecraft...Build a Rocket is the perfect gui..

$NZ 32.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 32.99

Build Your Own Fingerboard Skatepark: Boredom busting designs for 15 desktop ramps and rails

Great designs for ramps and rails to keep you entertained at school or in the office. Are you sat at your desk, bored out of your mind? Well get this cool kit and create your own fingerboard skatepark..

$NZ 34.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 34.99

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