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Modern Memory Quilts: A Handbook for Capturing Meaningful Moments

Learn to incorporate treasured clothing into heirloom quilts without sacrificing your modern aesthetic. Stitch memories together forever with 12 quilt projects that are as meaningful as they are styli..

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Modern Rug Hooking: 22 Punch Needle Projects for Crafting a Beautiful Home

Punch needle rug hooking is a forgiving and satisfying fiber craft with stunning results, which is part of the reason it's undergoing a surge of interest, with Rose Pearlman--a longtime rug hooker and..

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Needle Felting: Ducks, Dragons, Cats, Minis, and More

Following the success of her first book, Liza Adams has more tips and tricks to give your needle-felting creations that wow factor you've been looking for! Needle felting is the craft of sculpti..

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New Traditional: Heritage, The: Craftsmanship and Local Identity

Immerse yourself in the traditions that have defined our cultures and reveal our connection to what make us human. A new generation wants to lead a more meaningful and sustainable life by reconnecting..

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One-Stitch Baby Knits: 25 Easy Patterns for Adorable Garments and Accessories Using Garter Stitch

Welcome your new baby to the world with lovingly knitted garments and accessories! This book is filled with easy-to-knit projects you'll want to make for the baby in your life. Top knitwear designer a..

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Origami Paper 200 sheets Floating World 6 3/4" (17 cm): Tuttle Origami Paper: High-Quality Double Sided Origami Sheets Printed with 12 Different Print

This pack contains 200 high-quality, large 6.75 inch origami sheets printed with delicate and colourful chiyogami patterns These vibrant origami papers were developed to enhance the creative work..

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Origami Paper 200 sheets Japanese Woodblock Prints 8 1/4": Extra Large Tuttle Origami Paper: High-Quality Double Sided Origami Sheets Printed with 12

This pack contains 200 extra large (8.25 inch) origami sheets printed with beautiful and inspiring Japanese woodblock prints These colourful origami papers were developed to enhance the creative ..

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Origami Paper 500 sheets Cherry Blossoms 4" (10 cm): Tuttle Origami Paper: High-Quality Double-Sided Origami Sheets Printed with 12 Different Patterns

This pack contains 500 high-quality origami sheets printed with delicate and cheerful cherry blossom designs. These colourful origami papers were developed to enhance the creative work of origam..

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Origami Paper Cherry Blossom Patterns (Small): It's Fun to Fold!

Make your work stand out! Enhance your design with this pack of colorful and attractive Japanese-style cherry blossom designs and patterns. Each pack contains 48 high-quality origami sheets printed wi..

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Origami Paper Geisha Prints: Small

Woodblock prints of geisha are some of the most popular and iconic images from Japan's pre-modern era, and the gorgeous, full-colour reproductions in Origami Paper Geisha Prints Small allow everyone t..

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Painting & Drawing: Techniques and Tutorials for the Complete Beginner

If you want to find your inner artist, this book will show you the way. Covering drawing, watercolours, oils, colour-pencil drawing, charcoal and acrylics this compendium of art skills is perfect for ..

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Pocket Amigurumi: 20 Mini Monsters to Crochet and Collect

These loveable little amigurumi monsters are so cute and quick to crochet, you'll want to make them all! At 10cm (4in) high, these manga-inspired plushie creatures are perfect little companions that c..

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Practical Guide to Needle Lace

Master the art of needle lace making in this image-rich guide! Step by step, it explains the needed materials, takes you through the first, core skills, and teaches the process, from creating the patt..

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Quilled Animals: 20 Cute Creatures to Coil and Shape

This delightful book provides 20 easy yet imaginative designs covering a range of animals such as cats, dogs, sheep, a hippopotamus, a fox, giraffes and an alpaca, and includes three-dimensional desig..

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Rainbow Crocheted Blankets: A Block-by-Block Guide to Creating Colourful Afghans and Throws

Amanda's bold and inspiring use of colour and pattern gives stunning results that are deceptively easy to achieve. This colourful book contains illustrated block-by-block guides to creating ten stunni..

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The revised edition of our successful Raku book. Completely re-designed, black and white images have been replaced with colour and many new makers have been added to the gallery of artists, which ..

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Sacred Knots: Create, Adorn, and Transform through the Art of Knotting

A bright and vibrant guide to contemporary knot making--learn to tie decorative knots for creative projects and discover a meditative and meaningful crafting practice. Knotting is ancient craft t..

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Sewing Machine Reference Tool: A Troubleshooting Guide to Loving Your Sewing Machine, Again!

Kick tension problems to the curb and say goodbye to presser foot problems! This pocket-size guide helps you troubleshoot your sewing machine on the go. Quickly fix issues with needles, threaders, but..

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Simply Wood: 22 Elegantly Rustic Projects Using Driftwood, Logs, Twigs & Other Found Wood

Home accents made with beautiful natural wood are hugely popular and add impact to any room of the house. But the simple elegance of a birch table lamp or a driftwood sculpture can carry an eye-wateri..

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Star Signs Embroidery: Zodiac Patterns to Customize and Create

Combine zodiac signs with beautiful patterns to create embroidery artwork that people will cherish! Create a beautiful piece of art to hang on a wall, or a personalized gift for a friend. Th..

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Stitch Your Story: Six Complete Alphabets to Quilt in Your Own Words

From politics to poetry, the hottest trend in quilting today is using fabric and letters to say something on quilt tops. Quilters everywhere are excited to incorporate their favourite phrases, song ly..

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Stylish Succulents to Crochet: 15 Colourful Cactuses and Other Pot Plants to Make for Your Home

If you love to crochet and decorate your home with lovely projects, this is the book for you! Make 15 different crocheted succulents that can decorate your windowsill, table, shelf or anywhere else in..

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Subversive Cross Stitch Coloring and Activity Book: 40 Ways to Stop Freaking Out

Bestselling creator of Subversive Cross Stitch Julie Jackson brings her unique brand of snark to the Subversive Cross Stitch Coloring and Activity Book, with 40 fun activities (for grown-ups only.) Bo..

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Subversive Cross Stitch: 50 Designs for Your Sassy Side

Subversive Cross Stitch began in the spring of 2003 as a form of anger management therapy when Jackson was dealing with a cruel bully of a boss. At her wit's end and in dire need of some art therapy, ..

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Super-cute Amigurumi: Over 35 Adorable Animals and Friends to Crochet

Super-cute Amigurumi is packed with over 35 adorable creatures to get hooked on. Designed with simplicity in mind, it's the perfect book for beginners as the toys are made up of only the ea..

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Texture: 20 timeless garments exploring knit, yarn & stitch

Landscapes have long provided a source of inspiration for artists and makers. From the sharp concrete edges of buildings and frosted hedgerows to seaweed strewn beaches and eroded cliffs, there is so ..

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Ultimate Thread Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Perfect Thread for Every Project, The

Always choose the right thread! This amazing reference guide features a handy thread use key (organised by thread manufacturer) that shows the most common uses for each and every thread, helping you d..

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Upcycling Books: Decorative Objects

Bookworms derive great pleasure from the simple act of reading. But what happens when a book is old or damaged and no longer in a fit state to be read? Through 20 do-it-yourself projects, Upcycling Bo..

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Vintage Cardboard Crafting: Handmaking 15 Embellished Containers

Think beautiful antique boxes. Think vintage, monogrammed, Art Nouveaux, and just about any box that fits your needs. Add cardboard, fabric, tissue, lace buttons, and other decorations. You are now on..

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Whittling in Your Free Time: 16 Quick & Easy Projects to Carve in Wood

In continuation of the bestselling 20-Minute Whittling Projects, author, whittling artist, carving teacher, and Woodcarving Illustrated contributor Tom Hindes brings you 24 more fast, easy, and fun wh..

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Year of Embroidery: A Month-to-Month Collection of Motifs for Seasonal Stitching

Give each month more beauty by stitching embroidery motifs with unique seasonal designs. Follow the course of a year-from snow flowers and skiing bears in January to lily of the valley in May, a colle..

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You Will Be Able to Knit by the End of This Book

You want to learn to knit, but somehow you always end up in a tangle of knotted yarn and baffled by complicated and conflicting advice. This beginner's handbook goes back to basics, with clear step-by..

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