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Art - Practical

Written by underground journalist Kevin Thomson, and edited by Robert Williams, this book is full on graphic auto action from cover to cover. It features core respresentatives of the scene originators..

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1000 Dot-to-Dot Book: Animals: Twenty Incredible Creatures to Complete Yourself

Its dot-to-dot gone wild in this latest addition to the series, as author Thomas Pavitte sets out to explore the animal kingdom. Enjoy bringing your favourite animals to life with The 1000 Dot-to-Dot ..

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1000 Dot-to-Dot Masterpieces: Twenty iconic paintings to complete yourself

After the phenomenal worldwide success of the 1000 Dot-to-Dot Series, for his fourth outing author and artist Thomas Pavitte is taking on the challenge of recreating some of the worlds finest pieces o..

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101 More Mixed Media Techniques: An Exploration of the Versatile World of Mixed Media Art

Explore a diverse array of adventurous mixed media art techniques with 101 More Mixed Media Techniques. Whether you are an experienced artist or just starting out, you'll discover new, approachable co..

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101 Textures in Colored Pencil: Practical step-by-step drawing techniques for rendering a variety of surfaces & textures

There has never been a better time to master textures! Knowing how to make your surfaces and textures look real is one of the most challenging aspects of creating art in coloured pencil, even for expe..

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101 Textures in Graphite & Charcoal: Practical Drawing Techniques for Rendering a Variety of Surfaces & Textures

A must-have resource for graphite and charcoal artists of all skill levels. Accurately rendering surfaces and textures is one of the most challenging aspects of working with graphite pencil and charco..

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101 Uses for a Pencil

There is no simpler or more familiar tool than the pencil. Virtually everyone owns one, but how often is it used to its full potential? This thought provoking title will guide you through a multitude ..

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A World of Artist Journal Pages: 1000+ Artworks | 230 Artists | 30 Countries

In this much-anticipated follow-up, Dawn Sokol features more than 1,000 new, captivating pages, this time--by popular demand--from artists across the globe...

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About Sketching: The Art and Practice of Capturing the Moment

Written as a sketching artist's companion, this guide by a noted author of art instruction manuals attests to the value of sketching as a distinct art form rather than just a vehicle to achieve more p..

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Abstracts: 50 Inspirational Projects

Whether you want to purely abstract your ideas, thoughts and feelings into colour and mood, or whether you want to base your pictures on subjects that interest you, such as landscapes, flowers, or mus..

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Acrylic Color Explorations: Painting Techniques for Expressing Your Artistic Voice

Acrylic Color Explorations is as inspirational as it is instructional as Chris Cozen explores practical color basics through simple "stretching" exercises to determine the "voice" of the best colors t..

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Acrylic Expressions: Painting Authentic Themes and Creating Your Visual Vocabulary

Personal symbols and motifs can be explored endlessly when there are a solid number of painting techniques to draw from. In this workshop approach, the reader will be encouraged to explore a chosen th..

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Acrylic Revolution : New Tricks and Techniques for Working with the World's Most Versatile Medium

"Acrylic Revolution" will show readers everything they need to know to be successful in their acrylic painting projects. With over 101 of the most popular, interesting, and indispensable tricks for wo..

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Acrylic: Landscapes in Acrylic: Learn to Paint Landscapes in Acrylic Step by Step

With comprehensive instruction and artist tips and tricks, Landscapes is the perfect resource for beginning acrylic artists. Landscapes in Acrylic teaches aspiring artists everything they need to know..

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Acrylics Unleashed

Glyn Macey's irrepressible energy and imagination shows through in every part of his work; and in this book he shares his painting techniques and methods with you. Learn to use your acrylic paints in ..

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Acrylics: Colour Mixing Guide

This pocket-sized, practical guide has everything the acrylic artist needs to know about colour mixing, from colour theory to complementary, warm and cool colours, colour tone, using a limited palette..

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All Good: Slow Down with New Zealand Colouring

Relax by colouring in this gorgeous collection of New Zealand images that take you back to good times and happy memories...Jo Pearson's illustrations are charming, nostalgic and retro, and feature New..

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Alternative Kilns and Firing Techniques: Raku - Saggar - Pit - Barrel

Ceramicists searching for new ways to fire their creations now have a wealth of options. Authors James Watkins and Paul Wandless, along with a group of distinguished artisans, demonstrate in detail ho..

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Anatomy Drawing School: Human and Animal

For centuries, the study of anatomy has played an important role in the education of artists. An understanding of anatomy constitutes the basis for the precise representation of human and animal forms..

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Animal Illustration: The Essential Reference

Comprehensive and entertaining, this volume presents the greatest works in animal illustration from the Middle Ages through the 20th century. Hundreds of black-and-white and color images range from me..

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Animals: Learn to Draw

This best-selling title is relaunched in April 2006 with a fresh new cover design. Packed with step-by-step illustrations, this comprehensive guide provides all the techniques needed to master the art..

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Anywhere, Anytime Art: Watercolor: An Artist's Guide to Painting on the Go!

Anyone can draw and paint, anywhere and at any time! Whether in your backyard or while traveling the world, Anywhere, Anytime Art: Watercolor is an inspirational, easy-to-use reference guide for arti..

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Art Before Breakfast: A Zillion Ways to be More Creative No Matter How Busy You are

Packed with the signature can-do attitude that makes artist Danny Gregory a creativity guru to thousands across the globe, this unique guide serves up a hearty helping of inspiration. For aspiring art..

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Art Escapes: Daily Exercises for Discovering Greater Creativity & Artistic Confidence

This delightful book is designed for the many artists who are motivated to paint and draw, yet who find it difficult to fit art into their daily lives. It is especially for those artists who see art a..

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Art Inc.: The Essential Guide for Building Your Career as an Artist

Artists who dream of turning their passion into a career need only the expert guidance in Art, Inc. Lisa Congdon unveils the multiplicity of ways to make a living from art, including illustration, lic..

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Art Life

Art Life is an invitation to take a creative journey - making your own fantastic art along the way. This is a completely original way to unleash your creativity, with an engaging structure based aroun..

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Art of Botanical Painting

This is the definitive instructional guide to the art of botanical illustration, published in association with The Society of Botanical Artists and featuring detailed step-by-step demonstrations by me..

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Art of Brush Lettering: A Stroke-by-Stroke Guide to the Practice and Techniques of Creative Lettering and Calligraphy

Popular Instagram brush lettering artist, Kelly Klapstein, takes a simple, serene approach to teaching the art of creating beautiful letterforms with easy to use and richly colored brush pens. Kelly b..

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Art of Crayon: Draw, Color, Resist, Sculpt, Carve!

Create astonishing artwork with crayons! Crayons aren't just for kids anymore!Sculptors use them whole, bundling thousands of crayons to create environmental and installation-size sculptures. Carvers ..

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Art of Hokusai: Explore His Life and Legacy and Learn to Paint in His Unique Style

Beautifully illustrated throughout, Art of Hokusai takes you through his life, his work, his inspirations, and his legacy. Katsushika Hokusai (1760-May 10, 1849) was a Japanese artist, ukiyo-e painter..

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Art of Map Illustration: A step-by-step artistic exploration of contemporary cartography and mapmaking

In The Art of Map Illustration, five well-known artists take you on a journey through their unique techniques to map making with a range of media, including pen and ink, watercolour, and mixed media, ..

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Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor: Master Techniques for Painting Spectacular Sea Animals in Watercolor

With a fresh, modern spin on this majestic subject, The Art of Painting Sea Life in Watercolor is a comprehensive and indispensable resource, packed with beautiful illustrations and expert instruction..

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Art of Painting Still Life in Acrylic: Master Techniques for Painting Stunning Still Lifes in Acrylic

Packed with beautiful illustrations and expert instruction, The Art of Painting Still Life in Acrylic is a comprehensive and indispensable resource for all aspiring painters. Designed for beginners an..

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Art of Spray Paint: Inspirations and Techniques from Masters of Aerosol

Discover the totally unexpected, beautiful and intricate art created using the easily accessible medium. The Art of Spray Paint showcases the grand and imaginative scale of cardboard art and design. ..

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Art Studio: Dogs:

Designed for beginning artists, Art Studio: Animals combines a variety of step-by-step art projects, including drawing, painting, mixed media, and more, to help you transform your love of animals into..

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Art Studio: Flowers

Designed for beginning artists, Art Studio: Flowers combines a variety of step-by-step art projects, including drawing, painting, mixed media, and more, to help you transform your love of flowers into..

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Art Therapy: Aztecs and Mayas: 100 Designs Colouring in and Relaxation

The great ancient Aztec and Mayan city-states dominated Central and Southern America before the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadores in 1519. Today the unique artistry discovered throughout the relic..

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Art Therapy: Mandalas: 100 Designs for Colouring in and Meditation

We all look for ways to manage the pressures of everyday life, and to alleviate feelings of stress. Mandalas provides not only a wonderfully creative outlet, but also a way of focusing attention away ..

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Artist's Drawing Techniques

Learn how to draw with charcoal, pen, and pastel with step-by-step workshops from professional artists. Artist's Drawing Techniques is your guide to every aspect of drawing for pleasure, from choosing..

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Artist's Everything Handbook, The: A New Guide to Drawing and Painting

A practical and authoritative guide to the latest materials, hottest trends, and best techniques for creating stunning artwork, The Artist s Handbook is packed with easy-to-follow tutorials, engaging ..

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Artist's Painting Techniques

Whether you're trying your hand at painting for the first time or honing your artistic ability, Artist's Painting Techniques is the handiest guide to teach you how to paint. Starting with the basics s..

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Artist's Sketchbook: Exercises and Techniques for Sketching on the Spot
Artist's Toolbox: Color: A Practical Guide to Color and its Uses in Art

Discover the key concepts of color theory for beginning artists. The Artist's Toolbox series provides easy-to-use reference guides for beginning and aspiring artists. While many instructional art boo..

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Artist's Toolbox: Painting Tools & Materials: A Practical Guide to Using a Painter's Tools of the Trade, Including Paints, Brushes, Palettes & More

Discover the essential tools, materials, and techniques needed to get started in painting. The Artist's Toolbox series provides easy-to-use reference guides for beginning and aspiring artists. While ..

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Artist's Way

The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron provides a twelve-week course that guides you through the process of recovering your creative self. It aims to dispel the 'I'm not talented enough' conditioning that ..

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Artist's Way : A Course in Discovering & Recovering Your Creative Self

This work provides a 12-week course that guides the reader through the process of recovering their creative self. It aims to dispel the "I'm not talented enough" conditioning that tends to hamper the ..

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Artist's Way for Retirement: It's Never Too Late to Discover Creativity and Meaning

'Most of us have no idea of our real creative height. We are much more gifted than we know. My tools help to nurture those gifts.' The Artist's Way movement began more than two decades ago and has no..

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Avian Friends Guided Activity Journal

In addition to being a great journal for writing, the interactive book's 112 pages guide budding visual artists through colouring, watercolour, sketching, completing drawings, and in keeping with the ..

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Bateman Art Promo Title $19.99


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Bateman Art Promo Title $22.99


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Bateman Art Promo Title $24.99


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