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Animal Vegetable Miracle : Our Year Of Seasonal Eating

Barbara Kingsolver opens her home to us, as she and her family attempt a year of eating only local food, much of it from their own garden. With characteristic warmth, Kingsolver shows us how to put fo..

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Big Tiny: A Built-It-Myself Memoir

Dee Williams's life changed in an instant, with a near-death experience in the aisle of her local grocery store. Diagnosed with a heart condition at age forty-one, she was all too suddenly reminded th..

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Bio-Integrated Farm and Home

The Bio-Integrated Farm is a twenty-first-century manual for managing nature s resources. This groundbreaking book brings system farming and permaculture to a whole new level. Author Shawn Jadrnicek p..

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Burning Answer: A User's Guide to the Solar Revolution

Our civilisation faces a choice. We could be enjoying a sustainable lifestyle but we have chosen not to. In three generations we have consumed half the oil produced by photosynthesis over eight millio..

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Community-Scale Permaculture Farm

With practical examples of alternative building, renewable energy, holistic forestry, no-till gardening, hospitality management, community outreach, and more The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm desc..

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Earth User's Guide to Teaching Permaculture

Permaculture Design is a powerful tool for creating systems that meet our human needs but also support the ecosystem as a whole. The standard 72 hour Permaculture Design course (PDC) is taught all ove..

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Field Notes from a Catastrophe: A Frontline Report on Climate Change

Elizabeth Kolbert's environmental classic Field Notes from a Catastrophe first developed out of a groundbreaking, award-winning three-part series in The New Yorker. She expanded it into a still-concis..

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Fight for Beauty: Our Path to a Better Future

We live in a world where the drive for economic growth is crowding out everything that can't be given a monetary value. We're stuck on a treadmill where only the material things in life gain traction ..

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Future Arctic: Field Notes from a World on the Edge

A veteran journalist explores the changing Arctic and why it should matter to the rest of the world. In one hundred years, or even fifty, the Arctic will look dramatically different than it does today..

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Half-Earth: Our Planet's Fight for Life

History is not a prerogative of the human species, Edward O. Wilson declares in Half-Earth. Demonstrating that we blindly ignore the histories of millions of other species, Wilson warns us that a poin..

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Happier People, Healthier Planet: How Putting Wellbeing First Would Help Sustain Life on Earth

Most human beings are strongly attracted to material possessions, novelty and ever greater comfort and convenience, yet paradoxically, for those with a decent basic standard of living, growing affluen..

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Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered Species are Being Rescued from the Brink

Scientists currently believe that habitats across the globe are losing dozens of species every day. This is a celebration of the great work being done to protect our wildlife for future generations. G..

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Horse-Powered Farming for the 21st Century: A Complete Guide to Equipment, Methods, and Management for Organic Growers

With contributions from more than 60 contemporary draft-animal-powered farmers and equipment manufacturers Now is a time of exciting new developments for live animal power. As the numbers of adherents..

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Introducing Resilience: A Practical Guide

Introducing Resilience: A Practical Guide will save you emotional energy as well as time, allowing you to become more effective and successful both personally and at work. Written by Gladeana McMahon,..

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Market Farming Success: The Business of Growing and Selling Local Food

An insider's guide to market gardening and farming for those in the business of growing and selling food, flowers, herbs, or plants. Market Farming Success identifies the key areas that usually trip u..

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Omnivore's Dilemma : Search For A Perfect Meal In A Fast Food World

What shall we have for dinner? Such a simple question has grown to have a very complicated answer. We can eat almost anything nature has to offer, but deciding what we should eat stirs anxiety. Should..

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Planet Remade: How Geoengineering Could Change the World

Despite the on-going political horse-trading over emissions targets, each piece of new scientific research offers further evidence that no feasible reduction in the emissions can now effectively mitig..

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Secret Life of Trees : How They Live and Why They Matter

Colin Tudge's "The Secret Life of Trees: How they Live and Why they Matter" explores the hidden role of trees in our everyday lives - and how our future survival depends on them. What is a tree? As th..

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Street Farm: Growing Food, Jobs, and Hope on the Urban Frontier

Street Farmis the inspirational account of residents in the notorious Low Track in Vancouver, British Columbia one of the worst urban slums in North America who joined together to create an urban farm..

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Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation

Newly available in paperback, Dan Fagin's Pulitzer Prize-winning tale of a small town ravaged by industrial pollution is environmental reporting at its best. The true story of a small town ravaged by ..

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Woodland Year, The

Packed with stunning colour photographs, The Woodland Year is an intimate month-by-month journey through Ben Laws yearly cycle of work, his naturally attuned lifestyle and his deep understanding of th..

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