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10 Reasons You Feel Old and Get Fat: And How You Can Stay Young, Slim and Happy!

Like most people in our society, you might see the years from the age 30 onward as a slow, painful decline marked by the following outcomes: weight gain, fatigue, mysterious aches and pains, illnesses..

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10% Human: How Your Body's Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness

Obesity, autism, mental health problems, IBS, allergies, auto-immunity, cancer. Does the answer to the modern epidemic of 'Western' diseases lie in our gut? You are 10% human. For every one of your ce..

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100 Organic Skincare Recipes

All-natural beauty product recipes for a healthier and happier body! Stimulate your senses with Lemon Poppy Seed Scrub. Rejuvenate your skin with a Glowing Goddess Face and Body Mask. Wash away your w..

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100 Questions & Answers About Myeloma

EMPOWER YOURSELF! Whether you're a newly diagnosed myeloma patient, a survivor, or a friend or relative of either, this book offers help. The only text to provide the doctor's and patient's views, 10..

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100 Questions and Answers About Endometriosis

EMPOWER YOURSELF! It is estimated that between 10 and 20 percent of American women of childbearing age have endometriosis. About 5.5 million women in the U.S. and Canada are diagnosed with the disease..

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100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer's & Age-Related Memory Loss

Most people think there is little or nothing you can do to avoid Alzheimer's but scientists know this is no longer true. In fact, prominent researchers now say that our best and perhaps only hope of d..

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1001 Great Ideas for Teaching and Raising Children with Autism or Asperger's

Ellen Notbohm is a household name in the autism community. Her book "Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew" (9781932565300) has been a top-selling title in the field for almost four years..

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28-Day Blood Sugar Miracle, The

Through education, coaching, a 28-day transformational meal plan and easy, plant-based, whole-food recipes, The 28-Day Blood Sugar Miracle is a proven method from a registered dietitian using smart nu..

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4 Hour Body : Secrets & Science Of Rapid Body Transformation
49 Ways to Think Yourself Well: Mind Science in Practice One Step at a Time

No further information has been provided for this title...

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49 Ways to Write Yourself Well: The Science and Wisdom of Writing and Journaling

No further information has been provided for this title...

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50 Things You Can Do Today To Manage Back Pain

In this easy-to-follow book, Dr Keith Souter explains the various types and the many possible causes of back pain and offers practical and holistic advice to help you to deal with it. With many years ..

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50 Things You Can Do Today to Manage Insomnia

Good quality sleep is vital for well-being, yet one in ten adults in the UK experience sleep problems at some point in their lives, affecting mood and general health. Are you one of them? This book he..

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50 Tips to Help You Through the Menopause

The menopause is a reality that all women face, and one that can seem daunting. This useful book, with its holistic approach, provides a simple and accessible selection of easy-to-follow tips that wil..

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500 of the Most Important Health Tips You'll Ever Need: An A-Z of Alternative Health Hints to Help Over 250 Conditions

Packed with the latest cutting-edge alternative research, 500 Of the Most Important Health Tips You'll Ever Need has become the leading A-Z alternative healthcare manual on avoiding and treating a hug..

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500 Time-Tested Home Remedies and the Science Behind Them: Ease Aches, Pains, Ailments, and More with Hundreds of Simple and Effective At-home Treatme

This comprehensive, authoritative family reference provides quick, efficient relief for hundreds of common ailments. From insect bites, insomnia, and upset stomach to nasal congestion, stress-reducing..

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7-Day Brain Boost Plan: How to Keep Brain Fit for Life

You want to keep your brain sharp. Right? And know how to go about it? No hassles. No long scientific explanations. No complicated instructions. Here's your answer! A step-by-step plan developed by me..

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A Short Guide to a Long Life

In his #1 "New York Times" bestselling book, "The End of Illness," Dr. David B. Agus shared what he has learned from his work as a pioneering cancer doctor and researcher, revealing the innovative ste..

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Adrenal Fatigue: The 21st Century Stress Syndrome


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Adrenal Thyroid Revolution, The: A Proven 4-Week Program to Rescue Your Metabolism, Hormones, Mind & Mood

A Yale-trained, board-certified family physician with a specialty in women's health and obstetrics delivers a proven 28-day program to heal the overwhelmed, overloaded systems, and prevent and reverse..

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Alexander Technique Workbook


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Allergies: New Zealands Growing Epidemic


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Alzheimer's Prevention Program: Keep Your Brain Healthy for the Rest of Your Life

Want to keep Alzheimer's at bay for years - ideally, forever? Prevention is the way, and this is the guide. Now in paperback and updated throughout, "The Alzheimer's Prevention Program" is essential f..

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An Introduction to Coping with Insomnia and Sleep Problems

Poor sleep can have a huge impact on our health and wellbeing, leaving us feeling run-down, exhausted and stressed out. This self-help guide explains the causes of insomnia and why it is so difficu..

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Anatomy Flash Cards

Medical students and practitioners all face the challenging task of memorising, recalling, and understanding an overwhelming number of anatomical parts and functions. Flash cards are a proven tool in ..

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And Breathe: The Complete Guide to Deep Breathing and the Secret to Health, Wellbeing and Happiness

Breathing is something we all know how to do. And yet, the majority of teenagers and adults let go of their natural ability to breathe fully. We are conditioned from an early age to control our feeli..

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Anderson Method: The Secret to Permanent Weight Loss

"The Anderson Method" is a revolutionary psychotherapeutic approach to weight loss that is helping people conquer their weight problems once and for all. With The Anderson Method, you'll learn the ..

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Answers to Distraction

The book that answers your questions about ADD now revised and updated Afterdecades of being unfairly diagnosed, children and adults with attention deficit disorder are now recognized as having a comm..

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Asperger's Syndrome For Dummies

Asperger's Syndrome For Dummies covers everything that both people living with the condition and their families need to know. From explaining symptoms and getting a diagnosis, through to overcoming bu..

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Assessment and Treatment of the DWI Offender

Work more effectively with DWI offenders! This valuable book provides current information on the psychological, social-demographic, and psychiatric characteristics of DWI offenders. It also will prov..

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Atlas of Acupuncture

Acupuncture in Latin means "sticking with the needle". Each of the 409 important acupuncture points is presented with an anatomical graphic, an overview of the meridian, and a photo showing the needle..

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Attention Disorders After Right Brain Damage: Living in Halved Worlds

This book provides an overview of attentional impairments in brain-damaged patients from both clinical and neuroscientific perspectives, and aims to offer a comprehensive, succinct treatment of these ..

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Autism Breakthrough: The Ground-breaking Method That Has Helped Families All Over the World

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, this book is for you. When Raun Kaufman's parents were told that their son was autistic and would probably spend his life in an institution, they decided ..

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Autoimmune Wellness Handbook

The way autoimmune disease is viewed and treated is undergoing a major change millions of people suffer from these conditions. For many patients, the key to true wellness is in holistic treatment, alt..

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Awareness through Movement: Easy Health Exercises to Improve Your Posture, Vision, Imagination, and Personal Awareness

Thousands of people have found renewed health and increased sensory awareness through the Feldenkrais method. This book offers a method for people of every age to integrate physical and mental develop..

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Baby Love

Australian, authoritative and totally up-to-date, Baby Love is the only book you'll need to guide you through your baby's first year. Australia's bestselling babycare book is loved by thousands of new..

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Back Pain Handbook

Back pain is no laughing matter, but perhaps it should be. Research shows that if you use a bit of humour to help you deal with your aches and pains, you will recover more quickly. The Back Pain Handb..

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Back Sufferers' Bible

The human spine is not well suited for our way of life and as a result back pain is pandemic - there is hardly anyone who has not been bothered by it at some time. Advanced as we are in other areas of..

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Basic First Aid Made Easy


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Bath Bombs

Either as treats for yourself or gifts for loved ones, here are 30 sensuous delights to make, using sophisticated scents and aromatic herbs to suit your mood or even help with ailments. Using natural ..

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Beat Cancer: How to Regain Control of Your Health & Your Life

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer, you want to do everything possible to beat the disease. But with so much conflicting advice and so many options available, how do you decide ..

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Beat IBS: A Simple, Five-Step Plan for Restoring Your Digestive Health

Are you suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome? Do you have episodes of wind, bloating, constipation and diarrhoea? If so, this probably means that your digestive system is not functioning properly a..

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Beat Your Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 7 Simple Steps: Teach Yourself

If you suffer from, or think you might be suffering from, IBS, this book will give you the solutions you need to regain your life. Not only does it explain all the worthwhile therapies, it helps you t..

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Beating Your Eating Disorder : A Cognitive-Behavioral Self-Help Guide for Adult Sufferers and Their Carers

Do you or does someone you know, suffer from an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa or a less typical set of symptoms? The most effective, evidence-based treatment for adults wit..

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Beginner's Guide to Medicinal Herbs: 33 Healing Herbs to Know, Grow, & Use

Just as people are increasingly thinking about where their food comes from - and looking for greater control over their food sources - they are also seeking to take greater control of their health car..

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Being in Balance: 9 Principles for Creating Habits to Match Your Desires
Big 5

"The research backs up every claim made in the book. The Big Five could very well change your life for the better with very little effort." Deepak Chopra The fundamental promise of every exciting med..

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Blue Zones Solution: Eating and Living Like the World's Healthiest People

In this groundbreaking book, Dan Buettner reveals how to transform your health using smart eating and lifestyle habits gleaned from new research on the diets, eating habits, and lifestyle practices of..

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Bobbi Brown's Beauty from the Inside Out: Makeup * Wellness * Confidence

From bestselling author and international makeup mogul Bobbi Brown comes a brand-new book, awash in four-colour photography, focusing on the hottest beauty trend: holistic beauty from the inside out. ..

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Bodywise: Discovering Your Body's Intelligence for Lifelong Health and Healing

Are you tired? Do you suffer from chronic pain-headaches, backaches, or pelvic discomfort? Do you experience depression or feel anxious? Do you have allergies, rashes or autoimmune issues? Have you lo..

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Brave Girl Eating:  Inspirational True Story of One Family's Battle with Anorexia

Millions of families are affected by eating disorders, which usually strike young women between the ages of fourteen and twenty. But current medical practice ties these families' hands when it comes t..

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