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Classic Planes

New Zealand has long held a passion for its aviation history - the bravado, ingenuity and trailblazing spirit says a lot about who we are. Classic Planes celebrates that legacy, from the first fledgli..

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Classic: The Revival of Classic Boating in New Zealand

New Zealand has a remarkable maritime history and many of us have a close relationship with the sea that surrounds us. No sooner had the first European settlers arrived in Auckland than they held a re..

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Cock O The North: Gresley'S Bold Experiment

On 22 May 1934 a zenith of locomotive construction in the UK was reached when an enormous new locomotive entered traffic for the London & North Eastern Railway Company. The impressive engine was P2 Cl..

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Code of Safe Practice for Ships Carrying Timber Deck Cargoes 2011

an erratum is available at and CDs/English/IA275E.pdf..

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Complete Book of Chevrolet Camaro, 2nd Edition: Every Model Since 1967

For over fifty years, the Chevy Camaro has defined American performance. The Complete Book of Chevrolet Camaro, 2nd Edition continues the story of America's premier performance car. In 2016, the sixt..

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Complete Book of Classic and Modern Triumph Motorcycles 1937-Today

Take an authoritative, thorough, and heavily illustrated look at Triumph motorcycles, from beloved classics to popular new models! What do Marlon Brando, James Dean, Steve McQueen, Bob Dylan, and Arth..

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Complete Book of Classic Dodge and Plymouth Muscle: Every Model from 1960 to 1974

From lifelong car enthusiast and photographer Mike Mueller comes the most expansive overview of Chrysler Corporations muscle cars ever published. Its no secret that Dodge and Plymouth have been respon..

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Complete Book of Classic Volkswagens: Beetles, Microbuses, Things, Karmann Ghias, and More

Volkswagen Beetles and their variants are some of the most iconic and easily recognizable cars on the road! The classic air-cooled Volkswagen Beetle, officially the Volkswagen Type 1, is regarded as ..

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Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles: Every Model Since 1946

From the single-cylinder bikes of the 1950s to the high-performance sportbikes of today, The Complete Book of Ducati Motorcycles showcases the entire spectrum of Ducati. Legendary Ducati motorcycles h..

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Complete Book of Porsche 911, The

Porsche's fabled 911 represents the ultimate expression of Ferdinand Porsche's original vision of the perfect sports car. In The Complete Book of Porsche 911, author and photographer Randy Leffingwell..

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Complete Guide to Auto Body Repair, 2nd Edition

Everything you need to know about auto body repair--updated and revised to cover water-based paints, the latest panel adhesives, and other body repair technologies.The only thing more reliable than ri..

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Complete Guide to Drones Extended 2nd Edition

If you think you need a boarding pass to fly, you're really missing out... Today, drones are everywhere. From film studios to farms, they're in the hands of photographers, commercial surveyors and rac..

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Complete Guide to Starting a Paintless Dent Repair Business

A Complete Guide to Starting Your Own Paintless Dent Repair Business Paintless dent repair or removal (PDR) is an advancing art of removing dents, dings, hail damage, even large dents from automobiles..

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Complete Sailing Manual

The ultimate illustrated guide for sailors is now fully revised and updated. With a foreword by Olympic gold medallist Sir Ben Ainslie, and covering the latest developments in sailing and navigation t..

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Concorde: The Rise and Fall of the Supersonic Airliner

In Concorde, Jonathan Glancey tells the story of this magnificent and hugely popular aircraft anew, taking the reader from the moment Captain Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier in 1947 through..

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Crash Detectives: Investigating the World's Most Mysterious Air Disasters
Cruiser Birmingham: Detailed in the Original Builders' Plans

The technical details of British warships were recorded in a set of plans produced by the builders on completion of every ship. Known as the `as fitted' general arrangements, these drawings documented..

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Cuba Cars

Cuba is worth a visit. Or, as the authors of this book discovered, several. The average package holiday is simply not long enough to visit this country's myriad of sights, all of which are worth seein..

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Cuba Cars and Cigars: Classic 1950s American Automobiles

'Cuba Cars and Cigars' is full of glorious colour images of the rare and varied Cuban-owned 1950s American and European automobiles, trucks, and station wagons that were imported before 1961. Among th..

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Cutty Sark: The Last of the Tea Clippers (150th anniversary edition)

An updated and expanded edition to celebrate the 150th anniversary of this iconic ship. The narrative spans her construction at Dumbarton in 1869; her famous tea voyages as well as those with other ca..

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Day Skipper for Sail and Power: The Essential Manual for the Rya Day Skipper Theory and Practical Certificate

Day Skipper for Sail and Power is a major reference book for anyone following the RYA Day Skipper course. Brought thoroughly up-to-date with new developments and covering all the theory and practical ..

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De Havilland Tiger Moth Manual

The de Havilland Tiger Moth biplane is an iconic and instantly recognisable aircraft. It is also one of a handful of planes that attracts the widest possible recognition outside the specialist group. ..

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Death of Holden: The End of an Australian Dream

When Holden signalled that it would close its Adelaide factory, it struck at the very heart of Australian identity. Holden is our car made on our shores. It's the choice of patriotic rev heads and sub..

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Deep Water Gold : the Story of the RMS Niagara, the quest for New Zealand's Greatest Shipwreck Treasure
Diamond T Type 980/981


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Douglas Ad-4Na Skyraider Manual

The Skyraider became legendary for its ability to soak up battle damage and still keep flying. It was eventually replaced in the US Navy by the swept-wing jet A-6 Intruder and A-7 Corsair. Radar-equip..

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Drawbar Outfits


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Drive: The Definitive History of Motoring

A car book which takes you through motoring history, from classic cars to how we enjoy driving today, and beyond. As Jodie Kidd says in her introduction "Sit back, buckle up, and enjoy the ride". ..

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Driving Test Ezy : Theory : Pass Your Test the Ezy Way
Ducati 90 Years

The official book to discover Ducati's glorious history: unparalleled tradition made of innovation, Italian style and sport victories that started 90 years ago. Since 1926 Ducati has been creating emo..

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Ducati: A photographic Tribute Volume 2

Due to requests from thousands of worldwide Ducati enthusiasts, club members, motorcycle devotees and those who were not quick enough to buy Phil Aynsley's rare and sold out first book Ducati-A Photog..

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Eightwheelers in Colour


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ERF: The Inside Story


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Estate Car Named Desire: A Life on the Road

This was a car with a voice: Its engine note, a deep, powerful burble, was as distinct to me as the voices of my parents and friends, but then a lot of other cars had voices too. Triumph Heralds purre..

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Exploring the Britannic: The life, last voyage and wreck of Titanic's tragic twin

Launched in 1914, two years after the ill-fated voyage of her sister ship, RMS Titanic, the Britannic was intended to be superior to her tragic twin in every way. But war intervened and in 1915 she wa..

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F1 Mavericks

Take a lap through one of Formula 1's most exciting and influential eras with F1 Mavericks, featuring the photos of veteran motorsports photographer, Pete Biro. The period from 1960 to 1982 saw t..

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Fastest Show on Earth: The Mammoth Book of Formula 1

In the quest for ultimate speed, Formula One combines human drama, cutting-edge technological innovation and high-stakes finance in a thrilling global circus watched by half a billion avid fans. The M..

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Ferrari 70 Years

For 70 years, Ferrari has produced automotive works of art to fire the imaginations of car lovers worldwide. A stellar combination of beauty, performance, racing success, exclusivity and Italian flair..

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Ferrari: Under the Skin

A substantial work, providing exceptional insights into Ferrari the man, Ferrari's design, and Ferrari the legend.Ferrari is an extraordinary company that emerged as World War II receded in Italy, com..

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Field Guide to Classic Farm Tractors: More Than 400 Models from 1900 to 1970

All the classic farm tractors you remember, plus new ones to discover, are all here in this complete photo-packed collection. A classic farm tractor is a conversation starter and a comforting reminder..

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Fifty Cars That Changed the World

Everything around us is designed. Design has the ability to transform environments, bring about social change, improve our quality of life. It can be exciting or frivolous, bold or subtle, daring or l..

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Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die : Biking Experts Share the World's Greatest Destinations

In the ninth addition to his bestselling "Fifty Places" series, author Chris Santella is back at it again, this time exploring the world on bikes with Fifty Places to Bike Before You Die. Biking has g..

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Fifty Railways That Changed the Course of History

Railways are much more than just a mode of transport and their impact on the past 200 years of history has been profound. Railways have brought freedom of movement to the masses and been the agents of..

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Fifty Ships That Changed the Course of History: A Nautical History of the World

Relive the journey of how the world was discovered with the illustrated Fifty Ships that Changed the Course of History. From the Stone Age to the present day, no technology has had a more profound im..

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First Railways: Historical atlas of early railways

Highly illustrated volume covering the emergence of the modern railway in a unique, essentially geographical way. Contemporary maps, many never before published, showing the locations and routes of th..

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Flight: The Complete History of Aviation

From the Wright brothers' first powered flight, to Concorde's final voyage and the tragic crash of the Columbia, Flight takes you on a sky-high journey through the history of aviation. Charting the t..

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Foden A Pictorial History


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Ford A Kiwi Passion


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Ford Australia

This book chronicles the 88 years in which Ford built cars in Australia for Australian conditions and interviews many of the people who worked for the company. It constitutes the complete history of F..

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Ford Falcon Automotive Repair Manual: 2002-2014


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Ford in New Zealand : putting the car before the horse

If ever there was a definitive historical book about the iconic Ford Motor vehicle in New Zealand, this is it! FORD IN NEW ZEALAND is a magnificently researched history of the introduction of the..

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