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Children's Reference

ABC Dictionary Ages 3-4

A colourful and engaging dictionary to help develop your child's awareness of the alphabet, letter sounds and reading at this early stage of their learning. Provides a motivating way of supporting you..

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Big Picture Thesaurus


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Children's Encyclopedia

This is a stimulating reference book for young readers covering a wide range of topics from art and animals to new technology. It is arranged thematically and illustrated with over 1500 photos, illust..

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Children's Illustrated Thesaurus

The ideal reference book for young readers and writers, DK's Children's Illustrated Thesaurus has everything a child needs to develop their vocabulary. Never be lost for words, with synonyms and anton..

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Collins Junior Atlas

An ideal world reference atlas for young primary school geographers aged 9-11 years at Keystage 2. Published in association with the Geographical Association, enabling students to learn about the worl..

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Collins New Zealand School Dictionary and Thesaurus

This new combined Dictionary and Thesaurus ensures you'll always have the words you need at your fingertips. With matching dictionary and thesaurus entries on the same page, you'll never be stuck for ..

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DK Children's Encyclopedia

Packed with information and amazing images, this is the ultimate book of knowledge for kids aged 7 to 9. This thorough children's encyclopedia contains all the homework answers your kids will need, ex..

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First Children's Dictionary

Filled with useful definitions, First Children's Dictionary is an ideal first reference book for children eager to expand their vocabulary. With over 3,000 entries of updated, curriculum-linked conten..

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First Illustrated Dictionary And Thesaurus

This book contains a a highly illustrated first alphabetical dictionary and a wonderful illustrated thesaurus organised by themes and topics. This combo has been specifically created for children age..

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Howard and the Mummy: Howard Carter and the Search for King Tut's Tomb

Ever since he was a boy, Howard Carter had been fascinated by mummies, and dreamed of discovering one himself. As a young man, he learned the art of excavation after years of study and research in Egy..

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Illustrated English Dictionary


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Junior Illustrated English Dictionary and Thesaurus
Oxford First Illustrated Dictionary

The Oxford First Illustrated Dictionary, beautifully illustrated by well-known picture book artist Emma Chichester Clark, is the perfect first building block for 5-7 year-olds to engage with words and..

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Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary: From Aardvark to Zozimus, a Real Dictionary of Everyday and Extra-Usual Words

A new unique Roald Dahl Dictionary from Oxford. This is not an ordinary dictionary. After all, you wouldn't expect an 'Oxford Roald Dahl Dictionary' to be ordinary, would you? Lots of dictionaries te..

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