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101 Things to Do While You Poo: Activities, Puzzles, Games, Jokes, and Toilet-Paper Crafts to Keep You Busy While You Do Your Business!

101 Things to Do While You Poo encourages children to take however long they need to do their business--and stay entertained in the process! Continuing the humorous and interactive 101 Things series, ..

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50 Fantastic Ideas for Mindfulness

Introducing mindfulness in Early Years settings equips young children with life-long skills that develop as they mature. 50 Fantastic Ideas for Mindfulness features a range of activities that enable c..

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ABC Book of Feelings

A wonderful new addition to this bestselling pre-school series Everyone has feelings and lots of them you've had ... This richly detailed picture book celebrates feelings - emotional and physical, jo..

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All About Feelings

How are you feeling today? This fun, friendly and reassuring introduction to feelings is designed to help young children recognise, understand and name how they're feeling and learn to talk about and ..

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Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made

The new Australian go-to book for parents wanting help with THAT talk ...For the last forty years, Peter Mayle's WHERE DID I COME FROM? has been the go-to book for parents seeking help with the birds ..

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Amazingly Disorganised Help Dictionary, The

The Amazingly Disorganised Help Dictionary is a scrapbook of my brain; how I use my lack of concentration and hyperactivity to be creative, to come up with ideas and to NEVER GIVE UP. It contains rand..

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Anxiety Survival Guide for Teens: CBT Skills to Overcome Fear, Worry, and Panic

Do you have problems with anxiety? The Anxious Teen Survival Guide is a much-needed, go-to guide to help you finally break free from the worry and ruminations that can get in the way of reaching your ..

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Arabella and the Magic Pencil

Arabella is a beloved only child who has everything a little girl could want. That is, until her brother, Avery, the master of mayhem, comes along. While she certainly loves him, she finds that it's s..

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Astrid and the Sky Calf

When a sky calf visits the Hospital for Magical Beasts out of the blue, Dr Astrid tries to diagnose the newcomer and apply her usual treatments. But the sky calf doesn't respond and it isn't clear wha..

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Autism: I See Things Differently

This reassuring picture book explains autism in simple terms. It explores how children with autism might feel and suggest ways for other children to consider this child's feelings. The questions surro..

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Bad Mood and the Stick

Lemony Snicket's simply told story offers a refreshing, thoughtful, and hilarious look at the ways in which a bad mood wreaks havoc as it moves from person to person, leaving an unexpected trail of su..

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Badger's Parting Gifts

Badger is so old that he knows he will soon die. He tries to prepare his friends for this event, but when he does die, they are still grief-stricken. Gradually they come to terms with their grief by r..

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Baxter Turns Down His Buzz: A Story for Little Kids About ADHD

Written for children struggling with ADHD and impulsiveness, Baxter Turns Down His Buzz is the story of a high-energy rabbit who learns to control his activity level. His uncle Barnaby guides Baxter t..

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Beginnings & Endings With Lifetimes in Between

There is a beginning and an ending to everything that is alive. In between is a lifetime. Every lifetime is different; for people, plants, animals, and even the tiniest insects. Ages 4+...

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Big Bad Mood


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Big Hug Book - the Internet is Like a Puddle

The Big Hug Books series deals with emotive issues that children face in direct and gentle terms, allowing children's feelings and problems to be more easily shared and discussed with family and frien..

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Bipolar Bear: A Resource to Talk about Mental Health

Sometimes Bipolar Bear finds himself at the bright North Pole or the dreary South Pole. Using tools he finds either on his own or with the help of his family, he's able to make his way back to his hom..

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Bobby and Mandee's Good Touch/Bad Touch: Children's Safety Book

Educate, before it's too late! In this simple and engaging guide, Mandee and Bobby explain "good touches" (hugs and kisses from family members, a pat on the back, a handshake, or a high 5) and "bad to..

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Body Brilliant: A Teenage Guide to a Positive Body Image

Written by teenage expert, Nicola Morgan, BODY BRILLIANT will help teenagers to develop or retain a positive body image. We're all bombarded with information and images - through the media..

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Book of Feelings

A Book of Feelings stars a brother and sister, Sam and Kate, and their dog, Fuzzy Bean. Sam and Kate know what makes them happy: cuddling Mum, reading a story with Dad, swimming, running and dancing..

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Book of Feelings

A Book of Feelings stars a brother and sister, Sam and Kate, and their dog, Fuzzy Bean. Sam and Kate know what makes them happy: cuddling Mum, reading a story with Dad, swimming, running and dancing....

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Book of No Worries

This essential guide covers a multitude of worries and anxieties that a young person may face while growing up. Children over 10 often have to deal with a bigger, scarier school, increased pressure to..

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Boy in the Big Blue Glasses, The

Sam doesn't like his new glasses. They make his ears hurt. His parents say he looks handsome in them. But Sam just wants to look like himself. His teacher doesn't recognize him - she says he must be a..

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Boys' Guide to Growing Up

A friendly and reassuring guide for boys as they approach puberty, explaining the changes that will happen to their bodies as they grow up and how these changes might make them feel. Covering everythi..

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Have you ever needed to do something that made you nervous; even thinking about doing? Kids do all the time. Going to bed, weathering through storms, going to school, speaking in class, making a new f..

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Brave as Can be: A Book of Courage

The life of a toddler can be full of frightening things: the dark, the neighbor's dog, and thunderstorms, just to name a few. As a child gets older, they begin to feel braver around these everyday eve..

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Breathing Makes It Better: A Book for Sad Days, Mad Days, Glad Days, and All the Feelings In-Between

Read aloud and breathe along with this sweet story teaching children how to navigate powerful emotions like anger, fear, sadness, confusion, anxiety, and loneliness. With rhythmic writing and engaging..

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Calm - Mindfulness Flash Cards for Kids: 40 Activities to Help you Learn to Live in the Moment

Mindfulness is a big word for a simple idea - it is paying attention, with care, to one moment at a time. The perfect introduction to mindfulness, this box of 40 cards teaches children how to be mindf..

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Calm - Mindfulness For Kids

Teach your kids how to focus their thoughts and notice the world around them with this fun mindfulness kids activity book. Mindfulness activities are a great way to teach children about their thoughts..

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Calm with the Very Hungry Caterpillar

This beautiful little gift book features a simple, easy-to-follow journey to relaxation, perfect for children and adults of all ages. When your monkey mind feels too jumpy...take a deep cl..

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Classroom Mystery: A Book about ADHD, The

Someone has been stealing food from Snowball, the classroom pet bunny! Can Izzy use her SEN Superpowers to track down the culprit and save the day? The Classroom Mystery (SEN Superpowers) explores the..

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Come to School Too, Blue Kangaroo!

Lily and Blue Kangaroo - a friendship forever! The eighth title in this hugely popular series featuring Lily and her loveable soft toy sees the inseparable duo starting at a new school with surprising..

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Confidence Code for Girls Journal, The

BASED ON THE BESTSELLING BOOK! The Confidence Code for Girls Journal makes it easy and fun to build confidence into your own life! Learn to risk more, think less, and be yourself with: ..

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Confidence Code for Girls: Taking Risks, Messing Up, and Becoming Your Amazingly Imperfect, Totally Powerful Self

Girls can rule the world. All you need is confidence. Ever wish you had the guts to try out for that team or play, or finally talk to that grumpy, intimidating teacher, or actually start that a..

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Day with the Animal Doctors


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Dealing With...: Bullying

This book teaches readers how to deal with bullies and make sure they don't give in to peer pressure to bully others. It features seven stories from children who have a range of bullying problems fr..

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Dealing With...: My Parents' Divorce

This book helps young children find out about and understand what's happening when their parents divorce or separate. It features eight case studies from children who have a range of issues from a gir..

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Dealing With...: When People Die

Death is difficult to deal with at any age, but for children who are handling it for the first time, it can be extra tough. This engaging book will help young readers learn to navigate this type of si..

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Dr Dog


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Drama-Rama!: A Quiz Book for a Smart Girl's Guide: Drama, Rumors & Secrets

This quiz book companion to A Smart Girl's Guide: Drama, Rumors & Secrets is designed to help you understand your own power in the face of drama. Through thought-provoking questions and funny answers,..

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Ella and Mrs Gooseberry: Discovering What Love Looks Like

Grumpy old Mrs Gooseberry from next door has lost her love. "I didn't know you could lose love," says Ella. So she begins her quest to find out what love looks like and how she can help Mrs Gooseberry..

$NZ 24.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 24.99

Emotions in Motion

Everybody experiences all sorts or emotions at different times and in different situations. Emotions in Motion encourages children to identify their own emotions and to be able to express and understa..

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Encyclopedia of World Religions

A thought-provoking book offering a balanced exploration of the beliefs, history and customs of the major world religions and many lesser-known faiths. Beautiful photographs and engaging illustrations..

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Even Superheroes Get Diabetes

Even Superheroes Get Diabetes focuses on the gift within the illness. It is the story of a boy named Kelvin who loves Superheroes. His childhood days are spent in imaginative play--saving the day. One..

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Everybody Feels Angry!

Has someone ever taken something that belongs to you? Have you ever been angry and shouted? How did you feel? Did you clench your fists? Read about Sophie and Ethan, and what they did when they felt a..

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Everybody Feels Happy!

Have you ever been really excited about a holiday? Have you ever made someone else happy? How did you feel? Was your smile really wide? Read about Ethan and Sophie, and what they did when they felt ha..

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Everybody Feels Sad!

Have you ever lost a favourite toy? Were you sad when a pet you loved died? How did you feel? Did your eyes fill with tears? Read about Chloe and Omar and what they did when they felt sad. With a mix ..

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Everybody Feels Scared!

Did you feel scared on your first day of school? Have you ever felt nervous talking in class? How did you feel? Did your heart beat really fast? Read about Omar Chole, and what they did when they felt..

$NZ 14.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 14.99

Everybody's Different on Everybody Street

Playful words lead you into this beautiful children's book and invite you to celebrate our gifts, our weaknesses, our differences and our sameness. Fitch displays her wit and mastery of words in quick..

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Fabulous Friend Machine


$NZ 26.99 Ex Tax: $NZ 26.99

Family Book


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