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Young Adult Fiction

Hunger Games 4 Book Box Set

In the ruins of a place once known as North America lies the nation of Panem, a shining Capitol surrounded by twelve outlying districts. The Capitol keeps the districts in line by forcing them all to ..

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Hunger Games Special Edition, The

Set in a dark vision of the near future, a terrifying reality TV show is taking place. Twelve boys and twelve girls are forced to appear in a live event called 'The Hunger Games'. There is only one..

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Hunger Games: Hunger Games #1

This title is first in the ground-breaking "Hunger Games" trilogy. Set in a dark vision of the near future, a terrifying reality TV show is taking place. Twelve boys and twelve girls are forced to app..

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In Thalia's world, there is no need for food - everyone takes medication (or "inocs") to ward off hunger. It should mean there is no more famine, no more obesity, no more food-related illnesses, and n..

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Hungry Hearts: 13 Tales of Food & Love

"A briliant multicultual collection that reminds readers that stories about food are rarely just about the food alone." -Kirkus Reviews (starred review) A stunning collection of short stories ab..

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I Am Change

They told her that her body belonged to men and her mind didn't matter. They were wrong. "What if I don't want to marry?" Lillian held her breath. She had never said the words out loud. "Not ..

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I Am Still Alive

After- Jess is alone. Her cabin has burned to the ground. She knows if she doesn't act fast, the cold will kill her before she has time to worry about food. But she is still alive-for now. Before..

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I Am the Messenger


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I Capture the Castle

"I write this sitting in the kitchen sink. That is, my feet are in it; the rest of me is on the draining-board, which I have padded with our dog's blanket and the tea-cosy". This is the diary of Cassa..

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I Killed Zoe Spanos

"The YA thriller of the summer." -Bustle For fans of Sadie and Serial, this gripping thriller follows two teens whose lives become inextricably linked when one confesses to murder and the other ..

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Illuminae: The Illuminae Files_01

THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER The year is 2575, and two rival mega-corporations are at war over a planet that's little more than an ice-covered speck at the edge of the universe. Too bad nobody ..

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Impossible Knife of Memory, The

For the past five years Hayley Kincain and her father, Andy, have been on the road, never staying long in one place as he struggles to escape the demons that have tortured him since his return from Ir..

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In Some Other Life

Three years after making the decision to turn down her acceptance to an elite private school for the opportunity to date the boy of her dreams, eighteen-year-old high school senior Kennedy Rhodes walk..

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In the Afterlight (The Darkest Minds, Book 3)

'A RIVETING EMOTIONAL READ THAT KEPT ME ON THE EDGE!'- Melissa Marr, author of the bestselling Wicked Lovely series, on The Darkest Minds Ruby can't look back. Fractured by an unbearable loss,..

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In the Dark Spaces

The latest winner of the Ampersand Prize is a genre-smashing hostage drama about 14-year-old Tamara, who's faced with an impossible choice when she falls for her kidnappers. Yet this is no ordinary k..

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Infernal Devices 1: Clockwork Angel


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Infernal Devices 1: Clockwork Angel, The

Celebrate the tenth anniversary of the first title in Cassandra Clare's internationally bestselling Infernal Devices trilogy with this sumptuous new edition. Brand new content, including the first cha..

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Infinity Son

Balancing epic and intensely personal stakes, bestselling author Adam Silvera's Infinity Son is a gritty, fast-paced adventure about two brothers caught up in a magical war generations in the making. ..

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Get ready to see the world of teen influencers they'd never want you to share . . . From the bestselling author of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS Sara Shepard and actress and social media star Lilia Buckingham ..

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Inheritance: Book Four

It began with Eragon...It ends with Inheritance. Not so very long ago, Eragon - Shadeslayer, Dragon Rider - was nothing more than a poor farm boy, and his dragon, Saphira, only a blue stone in the for..

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Every action, every deed, every significant moment is tattooed on your skin for ever. When Leora's father dies, she is determined to see her father remembered forever. She knows he deserves to have a..

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Insurgent : Divergent #2

Fighting for survival in a shattered world! the truth is her only hope. The thrillingly dark sequel to New York Times bestseller, DIVERGENT. War looms in sixteen-year-old Tris's dark dystopian world..

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Into The Crooked Place

Desperate times call for desperate magic . . . Magic rules the city of Creije Capital and Tavia Syn knows just how many tricks she needs up her sleeve to survive. Selling dark magic on the street..

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Iron Daughter Special Edition, The

This special edition of The Iron Daughter includes the bonus Guide to the Iron Fey and an excerpt from the new Iron Fey book, The Iron Raven. Half Summer faery princess, half human, Meghan Chas..

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Iron King, TheSpecial Edition

Enter a fantastical world of dangerous faeries, wicked princes and one half-human girl who discovers her entire life is a lie. This special edition of The Iron King includes the bonus novella Winter's..

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It Only Happens in the Movies

The greatest love story ever told doesn't feature kissing in the snow or racing to airports. It features pain and confusion and hope and wonder and a ban on cheesy cliches. Oh, and zombies...YA star H..

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It Sounded Better In My Head

When her parents announce their impending separation, Natalie can't understand why no one is fighting or at least mildly upset. Then Zach and Lucy, her two best friends, hook up, leaving her feeling s..

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It's Not Like It's a Secret

Winner of the Asian/Pacific American Award for Young Adult Literature 2018 YALSA Best Fiction for Young Adults 2018 Rainbow Book List A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2017 "Well-paced, brimmin..

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'A little bit Golden Compass, a little bit Hunger Games, and all adventure' - Amie Kaufman, NYT bestselling author of ILLUMINAE The brand-new series from the author of the magical POTION DIARIES ..

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Juliet Takes a Breath

Hi, my name is Juliet Palante. I've been reading your book Raging Flower- Empowering Your Pussy by Empowering Your Mind. No lie, I started reading it so that I could make people uncomfortable on the s..

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Just Another Little Lie

Violet's mum hasn't been herself for a while. A few too many glasses of wine in the evening. Mornings when she can't get out of bed. Now Violet's the one looking after her little brother and looking o..

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Just Breathe

Hendrix's father has a vision - to see Hendrix run for Australia at the Olympics. His days are completely mapped out - what he eats, when he trains, when he sleeps, even the air he breathes. Ther..

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Katipo Joe: Blitzkrieg

Joseph St George is a young New Zealander, the son of diplomats in 1930s Berlin. But the Nazis are on the rise and the world is on a spinning path to destruction. Joe's world is about to change, viole..

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Keeper of the Bees

KEEPER OF THE BEES is a tale of two people who are both beautiful and beastly, and whose pasts are entangled in surprising and heartbreaking ways. Dresden is cursed. He houses a hive of bees in..

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Kid Got Shot

Meet Garvie Smith. Reprobate, genius, waster, and sometime detective. A boy from Marsh Academy has been shot, with no clear motive and no clues. DI Singh is on the case, and he's determined to keep Ga..

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Kid Who Came From Space, The

The stunning new 10+ story from the bestselling and award-winning author of TIME TRAVELLING WITH A HAMSTER, for anyone who loved the humour of WALL-E, the action of STAR WARS and the deeply touching e..

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Kill Order

When sun flares hit the Earth, intense heat, toxic radiation and flooding followed, wiping out much of the human race. Those who survived live in basic communities in the mountains, hunting for food. ..

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Our world is about to change in ways we can barely imagine. KILLER T is a novel about growing up in that world. Harry and Charlie are teenagers whose lives are shaped by a society that's shifting..

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Killing : Cherub 4

When a small-time crook suddenly has big money on his hands, it's only natural that the police want to know where it came from. James' latest Cherub mission looks routine: make friends with the bad gu..

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Kind of a Big Deal

Josie Pie was born to be a star. So she dropped out of high school to pursue her Broadway dreams, but after months of failed auditions, she finds herself broke, beaten-down . . . and nannying in Misso..

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Kinder Poison, The

Perfect for fans of Victoria Aveyard and Holly Black, The Kinder Poison is an enthralling fantasy adventure that follows a teenage girl chosen to be the human sacrifice in a deadly game between three ..

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King of Crows: The Diviners 4

1920s New York The Diviners have joined forces The visions were all true The dead are here After the horrifying explosion that claimed one of their own, the Diviners find themselves wanted ..

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King of Scars

*The Grishaverse will be coming to Netflix soon with SHADOW AND BONE, an original series!* The much-anticipated first book in a brand-new duology by New York Times bestselling author, Leigh..

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King's Cage

The highly anticipated new novel from New York Times Number One bestselling author of RED QUEEN.Mare Barrow is a prisoner, powerless without her lightning, tormented by her mistakes. She lives at the ..

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Kingdom of Ash

Aelin Galathynius's journey from slave to assassin to queen reaches its heart-rending finale as war erupts across her world ... She has risked everything to save her people - but at a tremendous co..

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Kingdom of Back

Two siblings. Two brilliant talents. But only one Mozart. Born with a gift for music, Nannerl Mozart has just one wish--to be remembered forever. But even as she delights audiences with her mast..

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Kingdom of the Wicked : Skulduggery Pleasant #7

The seventh instalment in the biggest, funniest, most thrilling comedy-horror-adventure series in the universe...Magic is a disease. Across the land, normal people are suddenly developing wild and uns..

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Kissing Booth 2: Going the Distance, The

Elle Evans seems to have finally tamed hotter-than-hot bad boy Noah Flynn, but now they're facing a new challenge. Noah's 3,000 miles away at Harvard, which means they're officially a long-distance co..

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Knife Edge: Book 2

WHEN TRUTH AND JUSTICE ARE NO LONGER BLACK AND WHITE ISSUES ...Sephy is a Cross, one of the privileged in a society where the ruling Crosses treat the pale-skinned noughts as inferiors. But her baby d..

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Knife of Never Letting Go

Imagine you're the only boy in a town of men. And you can hear everything they think. And they can hear everything you think. Imagine you don't fit in with their plans... Todd Hewitt is just one month..

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La Belle Sauvage: The Book of Dust Volume One

Malcolm Polstead's Oxford life has been one of routine, ordinary even. He is happiest playing with his daemon, Asta, in their canoe, La Belle Sauvage. But now as the rain builds, the world around Mal..

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