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Cry of the Taniwha

Matt Logan isn't looking forward to spending the school holidays with his grandmother and her new husband. He has to fly to Rotorua, where he doesn't know anybody, and he's a bit wary of his new step-..

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Frog Whistle Mine

Set in Charleston, a gold-mining ghost town 30km south of Westport, Frog Whistle Mine is another of Des Hunt's trademark exciting, beautifully written contemporary action adventure stories for childre..

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Gool #2

ixteen years have passed since Pearl from Company and Hari from Blood Burrow defeated the tyrant Ottmar. Now their children, Xantee and Lo, face an even more dangerous foe. Hari lies gravely ill with ..

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Peco Incident

Danny is dreading the summer holiday visit by his hyper cousin, Nick. There is no predicting what Nick will get up to, especially when he's off his Ritalin. However, Nick proves to be the least of Dan..

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Salt #1

In a dangerous world, Deep Salt strikes terror into the heart of everyone. Hari lives in Blood Burrow, deep in the ruined city of Belong, where he survives by courage and savagery. He is scarred from ..

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Tim Thomas is searching for dinosaur fossils in the hills above Pounamu, his grandparent's sheep station. His mum drowned when he was four, leaving Tim with only a vague memory of her - and of a large..

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Toughen Up, Andrew


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Under The Mountain: Movie Tie In

When Theo and Rachel Matheson head for Auckland to spend a fortnight with their uncle and aunt, they are prepared for the usual entertainments that the city can provide. But their relatives have curio..

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