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Children's Fiction

Bridge to Terabithia


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Broken Strings

Love, mystery, secrets and burning ambition - this book has it all...Jess's only dream is to be a violinist, but when stage fright causes her to fail an audition for a place at music school, she canno..

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Disappearing Act

Romantic and intriguing, DISAPPEARING ACT is another compelling book to add to James's growing canon of work with HCPA. Ages: 12+ Matt Cooper is twelve, and spends quite a bit of his time honing his ..

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Enemy Camp

'We knew straightaway that something was happening. Extra men in khaki uniforms stood at the main gates. Behind the wire, figures in blue sat on the ground. None of the usual moving around, washing up..

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Hieroglyph is a supernatural archaeological mystery story that's full of suspense. Thirteen year-old TC has a secret: she possesses a supernatural power. Her Uncle Max is an archaeologist and he belie..

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Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven

Alexie s prose startles and dazzles with unexpected, impossible-to-anticipate moves. These are cultural love stories, and we laugh on every page with a fist tight around our hearts. "The Boston Globe"..

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Long, Last, Happy: New and Collected Stories

" Long, Last, Happy" combines the best of the four story collections Barry Hannah published during his lifetime, four new stories from the final manuscripts he left behind, and one early-career story ..

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Rampage at Waterloo: Battlesaurus

This riveting alt history introduces dinosaurs into a pivotal moment in human history. Now the 1815 Battle of Waterloo is something other than a crushing defeat for the French emperor Napoleon Bonapar..

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